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How to Keep Track of AliExpress Sales

a blog post on keeping track of AliExpress sales with DuendeViajero

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Key Takeaways

  • AliExpress operates in cycles with peak seasons, slow periods, and flash sales.
  • provides a calendar that tracks upcoming AliExpress sales.
  • Users can add sale dates to their personal calendars with one click.
  • offers real-time updates and notifications about ongoing sales.

Understanding AliExpress Sales Cycle

Interestingly, you’ll need to grasp the AliExpress sales cycle to effectively use the sales calendar and never miss out on any AliExpress sales. You’re probably wondering how exactly this works, right? Let’s dive in.

AliExpress, like many e-commerce platforms, operates in cycles. There are peak seasons, slow periods, and flash sales that sometimes appear out of nowhere. This creates a dynamic and ever-changing landscape that can be tough to navigate. But don’t worry, DuendeViajero has your back.

You see, has revolutionized the way we track these sales. By understanding the patterns in the AliExpress sales cycle, they’ve developed a calendar that keeps you updated on upcoming sales. It’s not just about being aware of the sales, it’s about being prepared.

They’ve even incorporated features that allow you to add these sales dates to your personal calendar. That means you’ve got a digital assistant reminding you about the upcoming sales. Plus, they provide all the AliExpress coupons associated with each sale.

Innovation meets savvy shopping with It’s time you took control of the AliExpress sales cycle and never missed out on a sale again.

Keeping Track of AliExpress Sales with

After spending time understanding the AliExpress sales cycle, you’ll find it’s a breeze to keep track of sales using This innovative platform provides a seamless way to monitor sales and maximize your savings.’s features are designed to keep you informed and ahead of the game. Here’s how it works:

  • AliExpress Sale Calendar: It’s frequently updated, ensuring you’re aware of all upcoming sales.
  • Add to Calendar Button: With just one click, you can add AliExpress sale dates to your personal calendar for easy reminders.
  • Real-Time Updates: No more guesswork, you’ll get instant notifications about ongoing sales.
  • Coupon Information: You’ll also get access to all AliExpress coupons associated with each sale. is more than just a tracking tool. It’s a game-changer, a smart solution that’s revolutionizing the way you shop on AliExpress. It takes the guesswork out of the equation, providing you with real-time, actionable data that can help you make better shopping decisions.

Tips to Maximize Savings From Aliexpress Sales

Maximizing AliExpress Sales

Undoubtedly, you’ll appreciate these practical tips designed to help you maximize savings from AliExpress sales.

First, always keep an eye on the upcoming sales. Set reminders so you’re the first to grab the best deals.

Secondly, use the AliExpress app for purchases. It often offers exclusive discounts that aren’t available on the web.

Don’t overlook the power of coupons. AliExpress provides a variety of coupons that can be combined with sales for extra savings. Hunt for store coupons, select coupons, and AliExpress coupons, and stack them up.

Next, consider joining the AliExpress Bonus Buddies program. It’s an innovative way to earn discounts. You can invite friends to help you slash prices. The more friends you invite, the bigger your savings!

Lastly, sign up for the AliExpress Dropshipping Center. It gives you access to trending items and their sales performances. You’ll know what’s hot and what’s not, helping you make smart buying decisions.

Best AliExpress Sales to Look Out For

Regularly, you’ll find that the best AliExpress sales to keep an eye on are the ones that occur during special events and holidays. These periods are when the platform slashes prices on a wide range of products, often up to 70% off. So, it’s worth marking your calendar and setting reminders for these sales events.

To give you a clearer picture, here are some of the top sales to look out for:

  • Anniversary Sale: This happens every March, and it’s one of the biggest sales of the year, where you can find discounts on almost everything.
  • Summer Sale: Around June, you’ll find a series of flash sales, and discounted products to kick off the summer season.
  • 11.11 Sale: Known as the Single’s Day sale, it’s the biggest online shopping day in the world. Expect mind-blowing deals and discounts.
  • Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale: These are massive post-Thanksgiving sales that you won’t want to miss.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Add the Aliexpress Sales Dates to My Personal Calendar Through Duendeviajero.Com?

You can simply add AliExpress sales dates to your calendar by clicking the ‘add to calendar’ button on It’ll sync the sales dates to your chosen calendar app for future reminders.

What Is the Frequency of Updates on the Aliexpress Sales Calendar on Duendeviajero.Com?

You’re in luck! regularly updates its AliExpress sales calendar. You’ll always stay ahead of the curve, never missing a bargain. It’s your key to unlocking the best deals with ease and innovation.

Does Duendeviajero.Com Provide All Aliexpress Coupons Associated With Each Sale or Just Selected Ones?

Yes, you’ll find all associated AliExpress coupons for each sale on They don’t pick and choose, ensuring you have access to every opportunity for savings. It’s a one-stop shop for maximizing your AliExpress discounts.

How Is the Duendeviajero.Com Aliexpress Sale Calendar Different From Other Sale Tracking Platforms?’s AliExpress sale calendar stands out with its user-friendly interface and frequent updates. It even lets you add sales dates to your own calendar and provides all associated coupons, ensuring you never miss a deal.

Can I Receive Notifications or Alerts From Duendeviajero.Com When a New Aliexpress Sale Is About to Start?

Yes, you can. sends out sparkly notifications, ensuring you’re always in the loop of fresh AliExpress sales. Just hit ‘subscribe’ and watch the deals roll into your inbox like waves of savings.


So, you’re no longer in the dark about AliExpress sales. With, you’re always in the know, always ready, and always saving.

You’re not just tracking sales, you’re nabbing the best deals. You’re not just saving money, you’re maximizing savings. You’re not just a shopper, you’re a savvy shopper.

Start using today, and take your AliExpress shopping experience to a whole new level.

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