How to locate a lost or stolen android smartphone.

Android devices are very handy and useful gadgets that everyone wishes to own depending on how “highly speced” it is. However, misplacing your android device or getting it stolen is something that occurs unannounced and getting it back might sometimes seem as an impossible mission.

Important to say that recovering an android device that was stolen long time ago is not guaranteed using this method, but you can easily locate a very recently stolen android device with it.

How to Track Any Lost or Stolen Android Phone

To track any lost or stolen android device, first download the app codenamed “Android Device Manager” from Google play store to another android device. Let me quickly brief you on the features of the app and how it works.

The Android device manager app is a handy application that helps track you android device which is associated with your Google account. So, let me assume your lost android device is associated with your Google account, you can easily track the current location of the device with the associated google account using the app. The app also uses google location for tracking. why I didn’t guarantee for a long time stolen android devices is because the thief can easily wipe the memory of the device to claim it.

Another great feature attached to Android device manager app is the ability to reset your device lock screen and erase all data from the android phone. Erasing all part from the android device is the part I love, especially when you get to know that your device was stolen, and thief (novice thief I call them… ) prefers to use the device with your details on it (without wiping data). You can download the app below from playstore.

Google Find My Device
Google Find My Device
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

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