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How to Track and Immobilize Your Car or Manage a Fleet Using Your Smartphone or PC

car tracking with smartphone and pc

Vehicles are costly investments that should be taken care of in the best way possible. They are prone to theft and misuse by employees or other users, which makes it necessary to monitor their whereabouts and environment. Additionally, those with several vehicles, like delivery trucks, passenger buses, or vans, need to keep tabs on those vehicles to ensure that the drivers are adhering to the specified routes and that they are driving responsibly.

The solution to all these security and monitoring needs is to have a system in place that tracks your vehicle, manages the fleet vehicles, and even immobilizes them, if need be.

GPS Car Trackers

Due to an increase in car theft incidents, PS car trackers have gained massive popularity. You should secure your car after acquiring it so that if it’s stolen, you can trace and immobilize it. Once a GPS tracker is installed in your vehicle, it relays information on location, time, speed, and other things related to your automobile. Also, it allows you to switch off the engine or the ignition of your vehicle regardless of the time or its location, thereby halting it, just by using your smartphone or PC. The tracker works using satellite transmissions and will work seamlessly on basic Android phones like Infinix and Tecno Phones.

Real-time tracking of vehicle

So, why should you get a vehicle tracker if you are always the one driving the vehicle? Well, sometimes the vehicle may be taken away without your permission. You need to be aware of the exact location of the vehicle, and the tracker will help you do that. In addition to theft incidents, for example if you give your car to a relative or a friend or have it out on business, you may want to have peace of mind by knowing where the vehicle is and how it is being driven.

Also, you need to know if the vehicle breaks down or if there is an accident. All this is possible if you have a GPS tracker installed in your vehicle, and you could even have cameras installed, too, in order to see what is happening around your vehicle. You can engage Eyeride experts to install these technologies and more, like vehicle wi-fi routers, passenger counters, e-logs, and so on.

How the GPS tracker works

You must first hire a trained technician to install the tracker in a secret location in your vehicle. You then need to link the tracker to an app on your smartphone or computer. The app will enable you to access the information regarding the status and location of your vehicle, and it saves you from having to get an expensive kit. The tracker will use any SIM card, so there is no need for an extra contract.

Whenever you want to know the location of your vehicle, you just open the app on your phone or computer and you can trace where your car is on the map. In the event that your vehicle is stolen, you need to type “find car,” and you will see its exact location. The tracker is also good for fleet management and can be integrated with fleet management systems. It is usable on all kinds of wheeler trucks, private cars, school buses/vans, and any vehicle for commercial use.

Security alert if tracker is tampered with

In the rare occasions that the device is tampered with, implying that someone has found the tracker’s hiding place, the tracker sends alerts to your phone through the app or text. The alert issues a warning and shows the vehicle’s location. The tracker comes with a built-in battery, so even when the vehicle is parked or the tracker is separated from the vehicle, it will still work.


You can monitor your vehicle and even turn it off as well as manage a fleet by using your smartphone or PC. It is crucial to install the tracker in your vehicles and to download the program on your phone or PC to link with the tracker, receive messages, and carry out other functions.

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