How to upgrade Infinix Hot Note to Android 5.1 Lollipop

Infinix Hot Note 5.1 lollipo upgrade

Due to the numerous request from people demanding a guide on how to upgrade their infinix hot note X551, we put up this post. This is a full guide on how you can successfully upgrade the infinix hot note to android 5.1 lollipop as you can see in the picture below.


Latest XUI

Everything should workout fine if you strictly follow the step by step instructions.

Alright, Before we proceed, make sure the following requirements are in place;

  • Your battery should be atleast 50%
  • A USB cable- one that doesnt charge only…
  • A computer with VCOM Mediatek Drivers properly installed
  • SP Flashtool, a Windows Program
  • The ROM to be flashed. (I know it is supposed to be an update).
  • Patience, it won’t take time.


This post has been detailed so anyone can easily carryout the upgrading processes but you have to read and understand everything before proceeding, Do not rush.

There are external links to more detailed explanations that will help you set up your computer. Read them carefully too until you are sure of what you’re doing.

  • Download the ROM


This is the first step, you will have to download the new rom, The size is about 800 MB.

If you are planning to download it with your mobile phone, first of all go to Google Play Store and download an App called Mega, Sign up for an account and log in thereafter.

Then visit this link: Download Update Directly. You’ll then either make it available offline or transfer it to your cloud drive so as to download later. (Best downloaded with Computer)

Send it to your computer, if you downloaded via phone. Extract it to your desktop and move straight to the next step.


  • Setting up your Computer

This step could be a little tricky so just be more meticulous:

Download SP Flashtool here: After downloading it, extract it to your desktop then launch a .exe file inside called “flash_tool.exe”

Download VCOM tools from this link: You’ll need to read everything on this previous link as it has a guide on how to:

  1. First disable Driver Signature enforcement on Windows 8,8.1 and 10.
  2. Then install the necessary drivers.
  3. This is very important. Nothing will work without setting this process up properly.

After setting up the VCOM tools, you need to launch the flash tool and then:

  • Click on Scatter Loading
  • Look for a text file from the ROM you had downloaded called “MT6592_Android_scatter.txt”
  • Wait for the SP Flash tool to compile its own stuff.
  • Select Firmware Upgrade option

You can see the images below to know where “Scatter Loading” and “Firmware Upgrade” can be found.


  • Setting up your Phone

There are no much work in this step, you just need to go to your device. Go to settings –> Developer Options –> Enable USB debugging. If you don’t see Developer Options, go to About Phone and click on Build Number until it says “You’re now a developer”.

  • Then Enable Debugging
  • Remove your phone SD card.
  • Switch it off.
  • Close your eyes and do the cross sign.


  • The Actual Flashing

After switching off the phone. Go back to your computer.

You are on the SP Flashtool Window. Click on the Download button.

Now connect your phone with the computer through the USB cable and wait for the magic.


You will only be done when you see a big White Tick on a Greenish-Yellow background. Otherwise don’t remove/disconnect phone.



  • Then Reboot

It will take quite some time to reboot. Be patient. When its done booting, bada bing bada boom! you’re there, you will meet a whole new experience:

Welcome to New Infinix

Important: Make sure to directly go to Settings >> About Phone >>> System Update and Download and Install the Updates available.

We haven’t encountered any issues with the other infinix hot note we have been able to successfully upgrade with these steps, So there won’t be any so long as you follow the guide carefully.

Tell us how it goes or where you having difficulties and we will be more than willing to help, use the comment box or contact us personally.



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  • Is it possible to do the upgrade from kitkat to lollipop without losing data and files. Just upgrading the user interface.
    From a curious idiot. Thanks.

    • It’s possible to upgrade from KitKat to Lollipop but there will data and file loss if you didn’t backup your files appropriately

    • Ya Henry is right but that also depends on the method you use. If you do the upgrade via OTA (over-the-air) or Tcard, you won’t likely lose your files but if carry out the upgrade by flashing the phone, of course everything in the phone will be whipped out.

      All the same, it is appropriate to backup you data and files to an external storage before carrying out an upgrade regardless of the method you are using.

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