How To Watch Live TV Shows and Movies on your Android Phone

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The tech world has continued to evolve and new possibilities has continued to emerge on daily basis, our smartphones and other smart devices are getting incredibly smarter by day.

Streaming live TV channels on your Android smartphone has never been easier and today, we will be discussing some simple ways you can stream live TV show, important sports matches and also watch interesting movies with you Android phone.

Some the methods we will list are free of charge but to get the best with these platforms, an active subscription or a premium account will be required. You will also be needing a fast WIFI provider or active data bundle, as you already know, online streaming consumes quite a lot data.

How To Stream Live Shows and Movies on my Android

Below are few ways you can watch stream movies and live TV shows on your mobile phone;

1. IrokoTV online Streaming App

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irokotv is one of Africa’s first mainstream online movie streaming platform, they provide paid-for Nigerian movies that are mostly on demand. Their platform houses over 6,000 Nollywood films.

irokotv is a part of iROKO Limited entertainment company in Africa. Their online movie streaming service can be accessed through their mobile app which available on Google playstore and also via their web site. Click here to access their platform.

2. Toxic Patat Live streaming

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Toxic Patat is a web and mobile based online streaming services that allows you watch interesting shows either with PC device or your Android phone but to be able use the platform on mobile, an active premium account is required.

With Toxic Patat, you can watch BBNaija live stream and other interesting reality TV shows on your Android phone. Click here to access the platform now.

3. DStv Mobile App

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The DStv Android app is a free online TV streaming services but not exactly free per se because you’ll need an active DStv subscription that will be linked to the registered account on the DStv mobile app before you can be able to stream live DStv channels on your phone.

This means you’ll get to enjoy all important live football matches and other interesting movies and TV shows on your Android phone, as long as you sufficient data bundle plan.

4. Netflix Online Movie Streaming

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If you wish to catch up on the latest blockbuster movies and tv series, the Netflix app should be what you’re looking for. There will be a free trial after your first registration and at the end of the free trial, you’ll have to subscribe to a plan to continue enjoying the app.

They have various range of monthly subscriptions plans for you to choose from and offer a wider range of Nollywood cinema movies and box office movies.


Getting the best entertainment at your fingertips has been made possible, thanks to these amazing platforms and a lot more that we may have failed to mention in this article.

Do let us know if you enjoyed using the above listed apps, if there are some other TV and live streaming apps or services you enjoy that we didn’t list here, let us know in the section.

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