How to watch movies and TV shows for free on Android

watch tv shows and movies for free

You cannot always have a cable connection. You could be traveling for work or out on a vacation. But who wants to miss the favorite tv show? What if there is a new movie coming out for which you waited so long?

There is no need to feel sad and jealous of your mainland friends. Just with an Android device, you too can now stream movies and T.V shows for free.

As a matter of fact, streaming videos are the best option if you are constantly on the move. You don’t need to pay cable bills and also no need to have a T.V!! You save a big chunk of your money and still have the fun.

With the right app, you can even access Betway Nigeria online with your Android device – it’s easy and fun.

The Top Apps to Help You Stream Movies and TV Shows

While we would love to put Netflix right at the top, we know that you probably are aware of it well, so we would take a look at the other popular options.

Here is a list of the five best apps which you need to download on your android device. After the app is downloaded, you can fill I the required fields and enjoy the shows.

  1. Hulu: This app comes in the free as well as paid version. Eve in the free version, you will have access to a number of shows and movies. If you are willing to pay the subscription fee, you will have a bigger collection of shows. The best part of this app is a non-commercial In this, you get the shows and movies without the advertisements. It’s also among the more popular apps for streaming today.
  2. Crunchyroll: If you are into anime, this is your app then. Just download it from the google play store and enjoy your favorite shows. If you pay for the premium version, you will get no disrupting advertisements. With a good rating, it screams out loud of its zero buffering streaming.
  3. The CW network: This app streams all the prime time T.V. shows without needing cable tv subscription. But you will have to endure the advertisements. Unfortunately, it has no non-commercial version.
  4. Filmon: This app funds from the advertisements. So, be ready for them. But other than that, it streams even the live sports events. Not to mention the t.v. shows and movies. Basically, it streams channels from all over the world. You can select your local channel from any corner of the world and even explore the others.
  5. Livenet TV: This is actually a third party app. With an impressive collection of channels from all over the world, this gets a decent rating as well. You will find t.v. channels in several languages and of several countries. You can even enjoy the live matches.
  6. Kwese Iflix: Kwese Iflix is a free Android app that lets you stream your favorite TV shows in Africa and Nigeria, they offer paid subscription if you want to get the best out of your mobile TV experience.

Enjoy your favorite show from anywhere in the world. There are also other contenders that you can choose from – like CBS Access and of course, Netflix. Do let us know which app impressed you the most.


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