HTC delays Android 9 Pie update to U11 and U12 once again

HTC delays Android 9 Pie update to U11 and U12 once again

HTC is fast becoming a forgotten name in the smartphone industry, and they are not helped one bit by how they are handling OS updates to their devices. If they continue down this path – which doesn’t look like they have any plans on improving upon – they might fade into the background even more.

The Taiwanese OEM announced in March that some of its latest devices – the U11, U11+ and U12+ – would all get an update to the Android 9 Pie level. This update started rolling out some nine months after Pie has been in the market.

It doesn’t even help their case that a lot of other OEMs had started rolling out the same Pie update to their midrange models at this point.

However, the Pie update for the U11 brought more harm than good to the phone, so the company had to kill it. Back then, fans and users were of the opinion that the update will be resumed soon.

Ever since, though, there’s been no news.

Today, the company is announcing efforts to resume updates to the U11 and U12+, but you would have to wait an additional 2 – 3 months before getting it. Looking at the standard Android timeline, Android Q would have already been out (on Pixel phones at least) before HTC brings what is supposed to be their present flagship up to speed with last year’s dessert.

For now, we can only hope nothing else happens to make them change their minds again.


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