Huawei to launch first 5G-enabled smartphone in Q3 2018

Huawei to launch first 5G-enabled smartphone in Q3 2018

While aesthetics like bezel-less technology and notched display are threatening to take over, smartphone makers are also aware of a new trend that could shape the future of devices – the introduction of 5G network. Not wanting to be left out, Huawei has noted that they will be bringing this technology to their smartphones anywhere from Q3 2018. This is an official revelation that the company made at the ongoing Global Analyst Summit in Shenzhen.

Looking at the timing of that launch, it can be guessed that the first device to feature this kind of network capability will be the Huawei Mate 30, successor to the Mate 20 from last year. The most impressive thing here is that to ensure maximum compatibility, Huawei has decided to develop their own 5G modem to be used on upcoming units.

It should be recalled that they already unveiled one of such modems at the MWC 2018 back in February, promising that it would reach as high as 2.3Gbps of download speed.

Looking at the size of the Balong (as Huawei had deemed it fit to name their modem), it looks like something that belongs more in a self-driving car than a smartphone. That is why the Asian OEM is working hard on a mobile adaptation of the chipset. In all, we will be glad to have such a unit from Huawei who have developed their brand so much, they have a dedicated line of chipsets (HiSilicon Kirin) too.


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