How HUB8 cheap WordPress hosting plans are transforming the Nigeria tech scene


The first step of launching any service online is developing a website for such services.

To get a website or an app up and running, you need to host the data on a servers space. This server space serves as the powerhouse of such website or application and without it, no function will be recorded.

The Nigeria tech scene is rapidly expanding with the influx of multiple Fintech starts up into the Nigerian market Nigerian market. This means more service needs to be created to meet up with the demands of this startups or else they lose their stands and main purpose.

One common premise all online business is based on is that they all are into sales of goods and services one way or the other.

In order to sell your goods or services online with an increased level of credibility, you need to have a website dedicated to that effect. Not doing so and making use of third-party platforms such as Classified ads or forums will only reduce your trust levels.

Website development is also not limited to businesses or organizations. Individuals might eventually want to start a blog to pass on information or as a means of earning money online

In the past development of a website or a blog,  usually, require the use of special dollar credit or debit card which exorbitant amount being charged by this foreign host. Fast forward a bit some new web hosting services start to offer their services to customers in Nigeria and some part of Africa.

It was received with a lot of mixed reactions but in the ends, 99% of them turned out to be resellers of hosting packages from a parent hosting company outside Nigeria. To make matter worse, a majority of these hosting services where reseller of 2nd tier hosting companies or in some cases are a 2nd level reseller to the mains hosting company.

This lead to a drastic loss of trust amongst Nigeria web developers and bloggers alike.  Some of these web hosting companies are still very much in service today and are still claiming to be the best web hosting provider in Nigeria.

In response to this fraudulent hosting service and the poor state of web hosting services in Nigeria, HUB8 Nigeria was launched.

HUB8 is a web hosting and domain registration service with the interests of making sure every business in Nigeria has a website of its own.

HUB8 as of now is the only Nigerian web hosting company offering a FREE WEB HOSTING plans with no ads or any other form of commitments. This alone is on its own is a world standard kind of deal.

With the entrance of HUB8 into the technology scene, a lot of developers and bloggers have come to realize what they are missing out on and have shifted their tents from foreign hosting services to a much more cheaper and reliable hosting solutions which is what HUB8 embodies.

HUB8 offers numerous solutions but the favorite of all is the HUB8 WordPress hosting plans (

The plans come in 3 variations with each plan more glorious than the previously unbelievable ones.

Every plan comes with 55 premium responsive WordPress template and all website data is hosted on 5X ultra Fast SSD disk with unlimited bandwidth.

Unlike with other web hosting services that are basically resellers and are being allocated server spaces to sell. All servers are owned and managed by HUB8 themselves and they are also monitored by well-trained experts who actually know what they are doing.

As if this isn’t enough, HUB8 offers a free domain name for everyone who registers for an annual plan rather than a monthly plan. The annual plan also comes with a juicy deal of 20% off the final purchase.

Another cool aspect of HUB8 WordPress hosting is that the software is automatically installed and you are assured of 99.9% uptime.

As a matter of fact, in terms of cost and the features, you get from hosting your blog or business website with HUB8. HUB8 WordPress hosting plans is surely going to be the best investment you will ever make.

HUB8 recently released an article on how to launch your own WordPress website for less than 1000 Naira. The article covers in full details how the HUB8 plans on bringing cheap web hosting and domain registration to all Nigeria –

The web hosting industry has being a mess for quite a while now. With the entrance of cheap, reliable and world standard hosting services like HUB8  into the industry, web hosting in Nigeria and Africa as a whole is surely going to start taking a turn for good.


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