Infinix Mobility releases list of phones to get Android 8.0 Oreo update and when

Infinix Mobility releases list and timeline of units to get Android 8 Oreo push

Infinix understands that its fans will also like to have a taste of the latest Android dessert, even if they don’t want to necessarily buy a new phone that launches with it.

That is why they have taken the time to announce which units should expect the Android 8 Oreo bump, when they should, and which users should not.

Infinix Hot S3 happens to be the first Infinix device to come with Android 8.0 Oreo out of the box. The device is currently only available in the Asian market with no news on when it will be officially available in Nigeria and other African countries.

According to the list released by Infinix Mobility, the smartphones that would be getting this update are

The above-mentioned units were all launched with Android 7 Nougat on board. Being the company’s latest high-end devices in the Note and Zero line-up, it is no surprise why they are the ideal candidates to get a software push.

While Infinix Mobility has not given a sticky timeline for when the updates would roll out to their units for sure, they have promised that the first batch (going to the Note 4 units) will start in April 2018.

Overall, all devices on this list should expect to have gotten their notifications to upgrade by August.

Some of these smartphones have already been registered on the Android 8 beta program to enable users test out the features before the full rollout. If you are not an advanced user, we will advise that you don’t get into the beta program.

That is because beta versions tend to be unsafe and unstable, making them a poor fit for everyday use. You should, instead, wait for the full release before you consider updating your phone to the Oreo dessert at all.


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