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Infinix Note 4 Battery Put to Real Life Test and Here is the Result

Infinix Note 4 Battery Review

One of the main talking point of the Infinix Note 4 is the battery, not because it is the largest in town but because of the features it brings.

On paper, Infinix Note 4 battery boasts of things like 5 minutes charge giving you 200 minutes of talk time, 2 days of battery life under normal usage, 1.5 days under heavy usage, fast charging (XCharge) and many more. But as you may already know, performance on paper are not always the same in real life.

The Infinix Note 4 battery was subjected to real life test and the result…well, you will find out in a moment.

Infinix Note 4 comes with 4300 mAh battery, unlike its pro version (Infinix Note 4 Pro) which has 4,500 mAh battery.

Infinix Note 4 Battery

As can be seen from the image above, the battery of the Infinix Note 4 is not removable even though the back lid can be opened.

The Note 4 comes with some features that are designed to maximize the battery life of the device. These features include but not limited to standby intelligent power saving, XPower, and XOS based on Android Nougat which is said to have been optimized to deliver the best battery life.

Charging the Infinix Note 4 Battery

The Infinix Note 4 was charged with its own 18w fast charger from 1% to 100% and it took 30 minutes for the phone to reach 60% and 90 minutes to reach 100%.

That is not bad for a battery of that capacity. Clearly the XCharge technology is at work and doing what it was designed to do.

Testing the Note 4 Battery

The Note 4 battery was subjected to heavy usage starting from when it was 100%.

Infinix Note 4 Battery

The test started around 8 am. During the test, the Wi-Fi (when available) or the data (3G) was always on and most apps were allowed to update in the background.

There was no background restriction on apps as well, which means all apps that can run on the background like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more were allowed to run.

During the day, the display was on most of the time as the device was constantly being used. Either for playing graphic intense games like CSR Racing 2, surfing the web, watching YouTube and Instagram videos, making calls on 3G or for playing around on social media.

The Result

After about 14 hours of heavily using the Note 4 (i.e is at about 10 pm the same day), 32% of the battery was left standing.

Infinix Note 4 Battery Test

That is impressive given that most devices with similar or higher battery capacity (like the Infinix Note 3 with 4500 mAh battery) didn’t have that much remaining after being subjected to similar test.

Technically, it means that the battery of the Infinix Note 4 will be able to last you the whole day in most cases when fully charged.

The device was used for a little longer and was put to sleep mode.

At about 8 am the following day (i.e. about 24 hours later), 23% of the battery was still standing.

Infinix Note 4 Battery Test

The battery estimator was showing 7 hours left. This wasn’t far from being accurate as the device still had 8% of battery left at about 2 pm the second day and finally shut down after two hours when the battery went down to 0% at about 4 pm.

Infinix Note 4 Battery Test

Note: the device was constantly being used during that period.


In conclusion, it can be said that the Note 4 battery lasted for about 1 day 8 hours under heavy usage. That is short of the 1.5 days (1 day 12 hours) that was said on paper, but it was close.

Overall, the Infinix Note 4 battery did well and will go well for anybody that wants a device with long lasting battery as it will take up to 24 hours before needing to refill the battery tank.


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  • I’m using infinix note 4 from last 15 months but from last week my mobile is not supporting to X Charge
    Its creating so much problem for me
    Can u guys give me the suggestion
    I replaced the USB cable but no use..
    The service center people are not responding..
    Please guys help me with ur tips…

  • ifinix note4 warranty is lie I use it 7 months the touch pad is no more warking I returned to the office them now charge #15,000 to change the touch pad and the touch is unbreak

  • All these na story just charge to 100% and play clash of clans for 1hour see how the battery drains like water…Smh 4500mah my ass

  • My note 4 is barely 4days old and the battery is so poor that it can’t even last for 5 hours when I get 100%charge. I regret going for this phone. May be I should go for a refund of money

  • This useless people… I got this infinix note 4 it hasn’t gotten to 3months the battery is already messing up… First it tripped off… Then now it’s charges slower than even Nokia 3310…then when it manages to get to 60percent after 1day of charging it will start dropping like countdown…. The annoying thing is! It’s just 2months Chei!

  • Infinix Note 4 is only good when it is new. After a few months, the battery messes up. This is my 3rd month of using the device, and the battery has started giving problems. it started with slow charging, (i.e. I had to charge the phone for 11 hours to get it from 28% to 100%) about 3 weeks ago, then last week it got stuck on 38%, and refused to get to a full charge. Now, it has gone off permanently and refused to come on! *I have charged it with 4 different chargers over a 48 hour period, and still it has not been able to power on! This is such a pain!

  • My infinix note4pro battery is so fake that I have to charge it 2 times to finish a day, unique happy with the product.
    I can’t recommend.

  • I think this is not true. My infinix is less than a month old and it is dropping to 30 percent after 8 hrs. This is when I don’t touch the device. It’s on its own. If I use it it last for 5 hrs only. Don’t buy this device. It’s a fake thing.

  • My Note 4 gives me half day, worst part is that 15% around 9pm on ultra power shut down before morning. Am surprised, my note2 served me better

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