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Infinix Hot Note, Note 2, Note 3 & Note 4? The Journey so far

Infinix Note Sereies

Infinix Hot Note was the first in the Infinix Note series and it came with a lot of excitement and buzz and quickly became one of the most popular Infinix phones.

One of the things that made the Hot Note outstanding among other Infinix phones was the 4000mAh battery and that was the beginning of many new innovations by Infinix.

So far the Infinix Note series has gone from Hot Note to Note 2, Note 3 and now we are worming up for Infinix Note 4 which we expect to be the first Infinix phone to come with a stylus pen.

With every launch of a new smartphone from the Infinix Note series comes something new from Infinix. Infinix Note 2 was the first Infinix phone to come with 6-inch display and so far, other phones from the Note series has come with the same large display.

Infinix Note 3 was and still the Infinix phone with the largest battery capacity with 4500mAh battery. A technology know as the Liquid Cooling System was also introduced in the Infinix Note 3.

So far all we haven’t gathered all information about Infinix Note 4 but leaks suggest it will likely come with a stylus pen know as X-Pen, and that would be first of its kind.

One thing the Infinix Note series has in common is big battery and big screen. Though Infinix Hot Note was launched with 5.5 inch screen, but as at the time it was launched, 5.5-inch was considered to be big for smartphones.

The Infinix Note series normally come in two variants. There is always a second version know as Pro which is always the more premium version. For this reason, we expect that there will also be an Infinix Note 4 Pro.

Infinix Mobility has had great success with their Note series smartphone and we believe that the Note series is only getting started. From here on it is a question of how better and how bigger can it get?

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  • I just got the infinix note 4 and unlike my former note 2, the videos auto play even before playing them on the video player but on the note 4 it doesn’t, why?

    • If you mean the video preview in the gallery, that is something I have noticed in Infinix phones running Android 7.0 nougat, not just the Infinix Note 4. Perhaps that’s how they designed their gallery to work.

      If that feature is very important to you, you can try another gallery app.

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