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Infinix S2 Launched in Nigeria Instead of Infinix S2 Pro

Infinix S2 X522

It may interest you to know there is another version of the latest smartphone from Infinix; it is Infinix S2, and that is what Nigeria gets, at least for now.

Recall Infinix S2 Pro was launched in Kenya some days back and it went on sell on Jumia Kenya. The device was supposed to be available in Nigeria today, but at the moment, what you will find on Jumia Nigeria is Infinix S2.

Infinix S2 on Jumia

As you would expect, Infinix S2 X522 is the stripped down version (in terms of specs) of the S2 Pro.

Though no much difference between the two, as a matter of fact, the only notable difference between the two is that S2 comes with 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage while S2 Pro comes with (3GB + 32GB). But that can make a lot of difference for some users.

All other features, including the dual front camera and the model number (X522) is the same.

An interesting thing about the device available on Jumia Nigeria is the price.

Though the Infinix S2 is inferior to the Infinix S2 Pro (in terms of specs), it cost almost as much as the S2 Pro in Kenya if you do the conversion.

No information yet as to whether S2 Pro will also be available in Nigeria along side S2 which is already available.

We will keep you updated as regards to that, but at the moment, you can order the S2 X522 on Jumia Nigeria.

Check out the full specs of the S2 here.

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