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Latest way to get Free 350MB from Airtel

Airtel-Internet-free Data bundle from airtel

First of all, this is not a cheat or tweak, this is just a freebie from the network provider that is best known with free Data give away- Airtel. Airtel is giving away free 350MB but not all airtel Sim card might be valid for this free offer, so get your airtel sim cards and try your luck.

How to get Free 350MB from Airtel

  1. *141*13*200# to get 200mb
  2. *141*13*100# to get 100mb
  3. *141*13*50# to get 50mb

The above codes put together will give you 350MB if you are lucky,  but be rest assure one of the codes will work if not all, as some people gets the full 350mb some gets just 200mb or 100mb or even just 50mb.

You should get a message that you have been given xxxmb of data for xx days.

To check your data dial *141*712*0#.

Note: this will work on android, windows, iphones, ipads, PC or any device at all.


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