Leagoo T5C Review – The Intel Mid-range Innovation

leagoo t5c screen

Leagoo made a promise to bring only the best offerings to the market and do so at much more affordable prices than the big names would have allowed.

The introduction of the Leagoo T5c is one way of keeping to that promise. Even though the device sells for what premium brands would put on their lower midrange phones, this T5c sits up there comfortably with mid-level midrange devices and even shares specs with some top-of-the-shelf ones.

That it packs an octa-core processor and as much as 3GB of RAM does not even begin to tell the story. Checking out the unit straight out of the box, here are our first impressions.

Leagoo T5c Key Specs

  • Display: 5.5-inch, IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, 1080 X 1920 pixels (401 ppi)
  • Processor:  Octa-core Spreadtrum SC9853I CP
  • Operating system; Android™ 7.0 Nougat
  • Storage: 3GB RAM + 32GB ROM expendable up to 128GB
  • Camera: 13MP + 5MP Back camera with a single flash
  • 5MP front camera with flash.
  • Network; 2G, 3G and 4G
  • Battery : 3,000mah
  • Fingerprint sensor: Yes

LEAGOO T5c Unboxing

Before opening the box, you might take a moment to appreciate the kind of packaging that Leagoo had chosen for this unit. The device comes in a white rectangular box that goes with the ‘Stronger heart inside slogan.’

leagoo t5c box wrapped

However, since we are here for the main unit itself, the Leagoo T5c stares back at you as soon as you open up the box. One feature that stands out almost immediately on the phone is the home button in front. Samsung fanboys will quickly identify with this feature and where it came from.

leagoo t5c unboxed 1

Out of the box with the phone is a USB cable which, sadly, is not the Type-C kind that is making waves in the market right now. There is also an adaptor for charging the unit, an Ejector Pin, transparent Silicone cover and a warranty certificate as well as the user manual.

leagoo t5c box contents

You will want to keep your certificate safe in case of damages covered under warranty.

Exploring the device itself, we should mention at this point that it is sturdy to the feel and premium to the eyes – all thanks to Leagoo’s opting for a metallic frame instead of plastic. The screen, set at a resolution of 1920 x 1080p, conforms to the 18:9 aspect ratio fad in the market today.

leagoo t5c full screen 1

Being only 8mm thick and weighing 168g in all, the unit is not so heavy that you feel fatigued from it but also not too light that you don’t feel you’re holding anything.

leagoo t5c full screen

Asides the beautiful screen on the front is a camera sensor rated at 5MP. There is a LED flash, cut out for notifications and alerts and as well, the earpiece for receiving calls. Looking at the base of the screen, the home button we talked about doubles as a fingerprint scanner. The button uses a touch sensor just like we have in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 series.

leagoo t5c front camera

leagoo t5c front bottom pannel

Perhaps, Leagoo could have tried to turn down the bezels on this unit a notch. Not that we mind, but that would have gone a long way to improve the aesthetic feel.

Not to be bothered by that, the impressive 13MP + 2MP cameras with an added sensor on the back, bundled with their own LED flash to better low-light capturing, are simply amazing for the rating. You’ll see why when we get to the cameras.

leagoo t5c full back view

Rounding up the design on the back is Leagoo’s logo sitting very close to the top antenna band.
Checking around the metal frame that binds the front glass to the back metal are some other features equally worthy of note.

The 3.5mm jack was not sacrificed and we love that it was placed on the bottom, right next to the speaker grill, USB port and microphone port.

leagoo t5c top and bottom borders

The right-side plays home to a volume rocker and power keys. On the left, we have an eject-able tray with hybrid configuration.

leagoo t5c left and right borders

LEAGOO T5c Display Review

Leagoo went for a 3D curvature for the 5.5-inch screen on this device, so a little Edge/ Curved screen, people. Where they lifted our spirits again is in the fact that this screen, carrying a resolution of 1920 x 1080 with astounding 408 PPI, was made by Sony – one of the best display makers in the world.

leagoo t5c screen

With Full High Definition support on board, this screen can render as much as 2 million pixels at the same time. Some clarity right there, right?

At 408 ppi, the screen brings on board support for multiple fingers (up to 5 fingers) at once but doesn’t have the capacity for a secondary screen.

OS and Hardware Review

It is impressive that the Leagoo T5c comes out of the box with Android 7.0 Nougat on board, and we expect that there will be a push to the Oreo for it soon.

You should know that this software is based on in-house Leagoo OS 2.1 which features some customized features and a minimal level of bloatware from the company. Below are some screenshots of the UI. (click to enlarge)

Besides that, this unit makes history as the first device to have a Spreadtrum SC9853i on board. That SoC is then paired to an octa-core Intel Airmont CPU which can clock as much as 1.8 GHz at any one time. The good news is that even AnTuTu benchmark tests validates this kind of configuration.

From the tests, this CPU pairing is better than the MT6750 by as much as 39%.

leagoo t5c hardware specs

Going on from that, we have 3GB RAM and an internal storage space of 32GB on board. just like the Leagoo S8 device. If that is not sufficient for the user, they are allowed to expand it as they see fit.

We should tell you here that the T5c packs a hybrid slot so you’ll have to make the decision between a microSD card or another SIM in the phone.

Sensor and Benchmark Test

Leagoo T5c breaks convention and opted to offer its fingerprint sensor on the front. When the device is asleep, the home button on the front doubles as a fingerprint sensor.

Testing all the features of the device on popular benchmarks, it returns an overall score of 45,139. That won’t knock out the flagships, but it would keep you happy and impressed on a budget.


leagoo t5c back cameras

What made the choice of cameras on this device, especially the dual setup on the back, so interesting is that they are all sensor sourced from Samsung. The 13MP + 2MP snapper have a dual LED flash fitted to them to ensure better light capturing even in low light situations.

On the front, we have a standalone 5MP camera that is also as impressive. While we would have loved to see facial recognition bundled with this front camera, we understand that it might be asking too much on such a budget.

leagoo t5c front camera

In critically low light situations, you might be restricted to the use of your rear cameras since the flash light on the front is not that very efficient in very dark places. Below are some pictures taken with the phone’s camera;

Battery and Connectivity

At 3000mAh, we don’t expect the battery to be all that, but we did expect it to be solid in the least. However, it would take between 5 to 7 hours of heavy usage to drain the battery before the need for another charge.

leagoo s8 charger and wire

In the Nigerian market where power remains a big problem, that might be a bigger problem for the phone.

On the connectivity front, this unit boasts Bluetooth v4.0 and couples that with USB 2.0 On-The-Go. Support for Wi-Fi networks and Hotspot are also available, alongside GPS features. Unfortunately, we won’t be using any NFC with this one.

On the left side is a tray that allows you use as much as two SIMs in the device. Should you want to expand the memory, you will be able to make use of only one SIM since it is an hybrid slot. Wired options include the earphone jack on the base and USB port.

Final Verdict


If you are on a very tight budget and need a phone you can call on, be rest assured that this Leagoo T5c will turn up for you. Sure, it does have its bad days in battery capacity and screen real estate, but it makes up so well for all that.

Look at the camera performance, the genius of the chipset, overall performance on benchmarks and design, and you’d have a winner on your hands.

Some notably impressive areas of the device include;

  • Metal unibody design
  • Very sleek body build
  • Very good camera quality
  • Sleek user interface (thanks to the Android 7.0 OS)
  • High-performance

Some of the downside includes;

  • Average battery
  • Presence of bezels
  • Poor front camera flash

Selling for just about 38,000 naira at the moment, this smartphone offers you the best value for your money.

Where to Buy LEAGOO T5c

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