Leak: Samsung planning the release of a gaming phone too

Leak: Samsung planning the release of a gaming phone too

The world of smartphones is fast becoming one and the same with that of games. That is evident with the launch of the Razer Phone at first, after which we got the addition of Xiaomi’s Black Shark to the market. This was the best phone for gaming for a while before ASUS entered the scene with their ROG.

According to latest rumours in the mill, Samsung could join the batch of smartphone makers that have gaming phones in their stocks soon. Given that this is one of the best smartphone makers in the world right now and arguable the best Android phone developer, we have no doubt that this phone would be in the ideal position to steal the shine from every other gaming device in the market.

For now, there is no other piece of information to support this claim other than the fact that it comes from a highly reputable source. One thing that could almost be said for sure is that there would be a high-end chipset at the heart of affairs. As at the time of writing, only the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 fits that description. Of course, an excellent graphics processor to ensure smooth refresh rates should be expected.

In the same vein, the leak for this gaming smartphone revealed that the foldable phone that Samsung has been planning for years now will not be released under the Galaxy X name. That has been the only thing the market had to go on as far as names went when it comes to the mention of foldable phones from Samsung. It could be that they are reserving this name for the gaming unit now, but that is only speculation.

As soon as we get more and solid information on this supposed gaming device, we will be the first to let you know.


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