LG falls behind Samsung in the manufacture of smartphone OLED displays; turns to China’s BOE

LG Display

When it comes to the manufacture of LCD and OLED displays for smartphones, LG Display is one of the major manufacturers that come to mind. However, in recent times, the company appears to have fallen behind Samsung in terms of OLED displays for smartphones.

As things stand right now, it appears that LG will not be able to catch up with Samsung in this regard anytime soon. Reports have it that LG is already turning to Chinese display manufacturer BOE for OLED displays for their smartphones.

LG is not the first smartphone manufacturer to turn to BOE for OLED displays as Huawei already shifted to them as well.

This move by LG was reportedly introduced by the company’s new Mobile Department Head as part of a cost reduction strategy. In fact, this strategy may see the production of LG’s mobile phones moved to Vietnam.

LG Display has been getting smaller and smaller orders for its OLED panels with the company keeping the inventory low. BOE, on the other hand, can produce OLED displays in larger quantities and at lower costs. This may be why LG is making this switch.

Before now, LG Display was expected to start production of flexible OLED panels this year. This is likely not going to happen anymore. However, LG is still king when it comes to large OLED displays for smart TVs, showcasing a signature OLED TV R with a roll-up display at CES 2019 earlier this year.


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