LG teases dual-screen phone ahead of IFA 2019

LG Dual Screen

LG Mobile has been quite known for innovation when it comes to their flagships. Samsung and Huawei are currently aiming to usher in the era of foldable smartphones. They are doing this with the Galaxy Fold and the Mate X respectively. LG is, however, taking a rather different innovative approach.

When LG Mobile launched the LG V50 ThinQ last year, it released an additional screen case which attached to the phone. This attachment resulted in a makeshift foldable smartphone. The case, with its 6.2-inch OLED panel, offered users the utility of a secondary screen. This made it easier to multitask, play games, and take photos.

Now, LG is reportedly working on building something even better with the upcoming LG V60 ThinQ. The company released a teaser hinting at the utility of the second display. The LG V60 ThinQ will be announced at IFA Berlin in September, and we expect to see feature the dual-display technology.

The secondary display is expected to feature an identical screen size to that of the actual phone. It will also feature a small outer display for notifications, time, and date.

We will likely get more information about the LG V60 ThinQ before its announcement in September. We hope to also learn more about the dual-screen technology while we wait.


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