Mobile Gaming: Seven for two. Manchester City and Real Madrid staged a parade of goals and errors

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With all the brilliance of the performers in the attack of both teams, no fun would have happened if the defense corresponded to the level of the attacking players. But in this match it was not like that at all. They were all wrong. Even if you watch only the scoring episodes. Each of them is the result of specific personal errors. Yes, any goal is someone’s mistake. But for teams of this level, it is the actions of the great masters of attack that first of all pay attention to themselves, and not the mistakes of the defenders that led to the goals. In this match, everything is very different. By the way, if you wanna make some best, 22Bet is the best choice. 

In the episode with De Bruyne’s goal, one can even omit the fact that Mahrez, who gave him the pass, was not met by four people at the corner of the penalty area, whom he passed. Already after the transfer, Valverde did not keep up with Kevin’s jerk. More precisely, he did not even see that the Belgian rushed to the gate. You can clearly see how Valverde looked around in confusion, and De Bruyne, who a moment ago was in front of him relative to the gate, suddenly already at the goalkeeper and beats.

The second goal of “City” began with the fact that Eder was “carried” for some other time. This was done on the left flank. And then De Bruyne shot through, and the powerful Alaba lost the fight on one step to Jesus, who scored. Moreover, David put his foot in front of the striker, but could not stop him. Is this the game of a Real Madrid level defender?

The switchover by Benzema, who played the anniversary match, also did not go without preliminary preparation in the form of a whole series of ball losses under pressure from City players in the English half of the field. This is uncharacteristic for Guardiola’s team. As a result, some chaos arose, and Benzema closed the pitch in the fight against Zinchenko, whom it was not difficult for him to push back. (It would not have been difficult for Alaba to push back Jesus in the previous goal, but this did not happen).

City’s third goal by Foden – and there are several errors at once. Firstly, Mendy’s pass and Vinicius’ reception – they were easily pressed, and Fernandinho left after the selection for space on the flank. But from there, not every serve becomes an assist. Secondly, Phil was just on a spurt and was positionally ahead of the Real Madrid defenders, being alone in front of the goal. Carvajal looked at the back of his head.

In the episode with the goal of Vinicius, two minutes later, the striker returned the favor to Fernandinho, beating him without touching the ball with an elegant movement on the flank. This was beautiful. And then it was a matter of technique, and Vinicius’s 50-meter run with a classic goal into the far corner.

City’s fourth ball is perhaps the most revealing in terms of the characteristics of the chaos in which the defense was. Kroos knocked down Zinchenko in front of the penalty area, the ball bounced off to Silva, but for some reason at least half of the Madrid players decided that the match was stopped. Camavinga stood up as if rooted to the spot. And what is most annoying for Real Madrid is that Courtois was also in this half. Bernardo slapped him the ball into the near corner, and the goalkeeper did not even understand what had happened.

Finally, Real Madrid’s third goal, scored spectacularly from the penalty spot by Benzema. Everything is simple here. Laporte waved his arm so wildly against Karim that he found the ball with it. In general, it’s hard to jump without making compensating movements with your hands, but somehow Emeric moved too recklessly here.

And so you can continue on. After all, these are only episodes with goals. And how many were those who still did not end with a goal. How many times did Eder find himself out of work, swinging past the ball and losing positions. In a word, in such chic matches, the creators are often not only and not so much the attacking players. 


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