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The technological development has been a slow, steady and consistent process. The communication sector was blessed by the invention of wired telephone and as soon as it came and became popular, the way and the mode of communication changed completely. Then came mobiles and that even made things better. With mobiles, it was now possible to carry on your mobile at any place which gave people a lot of liberty.


The history of mobile phones is almost five decades old. The First mobile came in the early seventies and it was made commercial in the early 80s. Motorola and Co were associated with it. Since then, there have been lots of changes and developments in mobiles. Mobile became more popular by 2014 and now we have many mobiles than the population of the world combined. This clearly speaks about the popularity of mobile and its importance in the life of people.


Nowadays, mobiles are more popularly  called smart phones. The basic difference between mobile and smartphone is that smartphones can use different applications to continuously enhance and expand their experience. Although people like to change mobile every 6 months or so, there are apps that can keep your old mobile with good configuration contemporary and up-to-date.

Mobiles have completely changed the way people used to do things. While telephones were only meant to communicate and talk, mobiles and smartphones are much more than a mode of communication. You can use the internet to do almost all the things right from paying bills to booking your dream house.

There is a lot of entertainment available online in the form of music, movies and games that is catered through mobile and Internet as well. The professionalism is going mobile too, with work from home concept getting more and more popular.  Everybody directly or indirectly uses them in their business or service work. There is hardly anything that cannot be assisted with a proper mobile app and Smartphones and mobiles have surely become an indispensable part of our lives.

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Impact of smartphone

There are some obvious advantages of using mobiles and smartphones. Some of them are:

1 Fast

Before the smartphones and internet came into play, a simple letter post took days to reach its destination. Now with the help of an email, we can reach the destination within a fraction of a second. This is a simple example that is applicable in most of the digital world activities.

2 Contemporary

Digital world is modern and contemporary. Everybody needs to adjust and adapt themselves to the modern lifestyle and digital world is what everybody is talking about right now. So if you want to be with the trend, you have to go digital.

3 Easy

Some people try to refrain themselves from the smartphones and digital transformation because they are reluctant to use computers or mobile phones. They either lived in a completely different era or for any other reason; they are somehow not comfortable with digital world activities. However, once you learn the fundamentals that would just take a couple of hours or days, you would find that the benefits of digital transformation are awesome and worth learning.

4 Hassle free

It is quite annoying when we have to indulge in an activity that we do not enjoy doing. You have to step out of your home, go to the place and spend time there dealing with it. But smartphones  has made everything very simple and hassle free. Most of the activities that were earlier done offline can now be done easily with the help of the mobiles. This makes the process hassle-free and very comfortable

5 Practical

It’s quite practical to use, mobiles. Why would you like to stand in a long queue for booking a ticket or to pay your bills? You can do it sitting in your home with a click of a mouse and get the receipt online as well. So it’s very practical to be riding the digital wave of transformation.

6 Potential

Every individual and corporate setup is heading towards the digital wave of transformation. Therefore, lots of money has been invested in updating and improving the mobiles technology. Some people stay away from digital transformation because of the security reasons, but, with some exceptions, it is quite safe to use mobiles.


Just like one can ot predict how much he is going to make or lose in a casino game, the future of smartphones too is quite hard to predict with certainty. However, it is not a blindfold roulette, it’s more of a strategic Poker! Yet, one thing that we can easily conclude is that Technology goes parallel and the internet combined with mobile and Smartphones is here to stay for a long time.

There was a time when laptop sales were drastically affected by mobiles which made laptops size to reduce and become slim. Parallel, people started to expect more from mobiles and nowadays, the trend is that laptops and computers are getting smaller and mobile screens are getting bigger.

We might reach a time when there will not be much of a difference left between the two but at the same time we can predict that all this is eventually going to benefit the technology of Smartphones and ultimately the consumer is going to be the winner.

All said and done

There have been some concerns that have been constantly increasing with more and more people using smartphones. Some of the prominent one include security threats and intrusion in privacy. Childrens to have been victims of Smartphones and they often get addicted to games and some content that is not suitable for them.

However, all this can be controlled with Smartphone apps and a bit of common sense practicality. The use of mobile is here for the good and should be used properly and sensibly. We hope that you were able to know a few new and interesting things about mobiles and smartphones though this article. 


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