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It is hard to believe that the young and talented Pedri declared himself only a year ago. We didn’t know anything about him then, but now the player bought by Barcelona in 2019 seems to be irreplaceable.

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Back then, no one knew what to expect from a player who played for Las Palmas in the 2019-20 season. How many have come and gone without being noticed? But not in the case of Pedri, whose debut turned out to be one of the brightest in recent years. And this also applies to the Spanish national team, for which he went in all six matches of Euro 2020. Moreover: he got into the Olympic team, with which he reached the final.

It’s hard to believe that the footballer, who has played more than 50 matches with Barça and 20 with the national team, is only 18 years old!

While the season is just beginning, Barcelona is trying to find their style and play without the irreplaceable Messi. But in the past, Pedri has already demonstrated many of the qualities of a future leader. Perhaps his best match was against Athletic in January 2021, which the Catalans won 3-1.

“Blaugrana” began to give way from the first minutes, but with the help of Pedri, she managed to return. First, the young player responded to De Jong’s cross and leveled the score, and then gave a pass with his heel to Messi, who scored second.

In Spain, his best game was the Euro semi-final, when Roja Fury lost to the future champions of Italy. But even despite the defeat, Pedri was so good that many journalists began to compare him with Andres Iniesta. Pedri was the most prominent player in that fight, consistently showing accurate passes and technique. How many people can boast of one hundred percent accuracy in 90 minutes?

“If there is talent, then it needs to be developed. Pedri immediately began to work on himself and grew up before our eyes. He has the right approach and plays like he’s already experienced. He’s a smart gambler. And, most importantly, mentally he is also strong. He is a humble boy who listens and works on himself. The future belongs to him, “said Ronald Koeman, who now coaches Barcelona.

But what does the future hold for him? Now, after Messi’s departure, the relay has definitely passed to him. Anyone can now take on the role of leader and the new mascot of the team. But there is also a downside: if the leadership does not pull themselves together and build a good squad around Pedri, he could waste his best years. Much the same Messi has missed a lot in his last seasons.


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