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Manchester, a pretty big and significant city for England, with a population of around half a million people and with around two million people in the whole municipal district. It is a significant industrial metropolis that is also a thriving center of cultural and educational activity.

It’s also home to one of the biggest European football clubs – Manchester City FC, whom are global partners with Tecno Mobile Phone.

Funny enough, people from other districts call people who live there Mancunians. Manchester is located in the United Kingdom’s south-west region and is surrounded by the extremely beautiful plains and mountainous regions of Cheshire Plain and Pennines. Manchester is the third most popular destination in the United Kingdom among foreign travelers.

Some of these locations have been referenced in ancient historical documents right all the way back to the Roman Empire. As with the most populous cities today, here it all started with a little village with a small Roman fort even before the birth of Christ. And from that time right to the Middle Ages, Manchester was basically a territorial settlement that finally started developing at the end of the 18th century because of the breakthrough in the textile industry that was the major factor of city’s increasing industrialization that led to the rise of the Manchester to become one of the world’s most significant industrial centers.

One of the most beautiful architectural buildings in the city were built right at that time like Manchester City Hall and Manchester Canal. That, in turn, added more to the economical growth of the city.

Nowadays, Manchester is well-known for its architecture, educational opportunities, and vibrant sports scene. One of the most popular football clubs Manchester City and Manchester United are located here and bearing city’s name, earning the city a fame of sports-crazed metropolis on เล่นบาคาร่า. Many significant scientific discoveries were invented in this city. For instance, local scientists developed the world’s first computer software.

On the educational stage, the city is popular among wealthy foreign students as it is home to two universities, one of which is the largest in the entire United Kingdom. The city also can proud itself for being the first place in the world to have a fully working railway station, which was built around the start of 1840ies. All this allowed the municipality to be the third-largest urban economy in the entire United Kingdom. 

With all the achievements we described above, the Manchester has the prefect blend of quality and price when compared to other big British cities like London. Especially, its real estate market will pleasantly surprise you, with prices being lover than the rest of the country. The city comes in top ten locations on the list of the most appealing locations for real estate investors wanting to invest their money.

Still, the cost of renting a home in Manchester is quite expensive. Despite the fact that real estate prices remain reasonable and the present economic situation with a lot of new foreign capital has prompted residential property prices in Manchester to climb over the last ten years. If you wish to more to Britain, this city is the best as there is still more are for growth and development.



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