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Motorola Razr 50 Series Brings Google’s Gemini AI App to It’s Cover Display

This year’s Motorola Razr 50 and the Razr 50 Ultra both feature a functional cover display that are measuably large compared to the other cover display we have seen in other devices like the Tecno Phantom V Flip. The Razr 50 variant sports a 3.6 inches screen while the Razr 50 Ultra uses a slightly bigger screen with 4.0 inches.

Motorola has decided to collaborate with its former owner, Google, to create AI-driven experiences for the buyers of its 2024 foldable phones via the Gemini. The Gemini app can be accessed directly from the phone’s cover display.

As you might expect, some AI models are more powerful than others, even within the same series. To ensure Razr buyers have the best possible experience, Motorola is offering 3 free months of Google One AI Premium with the phones. This includes access to the Gemini Advanced model.

There are more features to explore with Gemini AI. Photomoji can convert one of your photos into an emoji or a sticker for use in messaging apps. Moto Magic Canvas lets you create images from scratch using text prompts. You can also generate custom wallpapers with Style Sync by uploading a photo of your outfit or surroundings.

Magic Compose feature can help you draft messages in various styles, ranging from casual to formal, excited to concise. Note that Magic Compose is exclusively available on the Razr 50 Ultra/razr+ 2024.

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