New update to the Google Chrome browser for Android saves battery and data

New update to the Google Chrome browser for Android saves battery and data

Google has been hard at work over the Chrome app, giving us an update that helped users store their passwords more securely and look it up whenever they wanted to access any website. This will go a long way in reducing password fatigue, while also improving good password practices in not using the same password for many websites.

Besides that, we also got a Dark Mode which came with three different setting options, depending on the status of your battery and how you want the app to appear yourself.

Now, the company has come out with yet another update which will help conserve your data. This mode is called ‘Lazy Loading,’ and it keeps big data consuming files from loading till you actually get there.

This means if you were to go on a website and read only the content on the top part, images on the bottom part will not load. If you tried scrolling to the base, the images would start loading almost immediately. That way, you only spend your data on what you need to spend it on – and not more.

Likewise, this feature saves you battery since your phone doesn’t have to pull extra power to load the other pages. Besides that, another battery saving feature in the new build will load the dark mode of a website if such site has the setting installed.

Since your phone doesn’t burn battery power in showing dark pixels, you would be browsing the web with lesser battery power.

Finally, you will now have a circle tab at the top right corner of the browser which shows your image.

With these, we believe Google still has a lot more in store for us in the coming weeks.


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