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Nokia 6.1 Plus Update Removes The Option To Hide The Notch

Nokia 6.1 Plus Update Removes The Option To Hide The Notch

Whenever there are changes on a device, some users get excited while some others criticize the change. This is probably the case about the new update on the Nokia 6.1.

The Nokia 6.1 only just launched recently. However, as has been the case with HMD, this device is already up for its first software update. It is now receiving a firmware update that comes with system stability improvement. This update also includes the August Android security patch.

Reports from users of this device show that this update to the Nokia 6.1 actually disables the ability to hide the notch, a feature that was present before the update. This report has been confirmed by a number of users.

The main function of the notch hiding feature was to change either side of the notch to black. Even when this is done however, the notification icons remain on the strip. It is a useful feature for people who do not really fancy the notch which is now present on so many devices.

Nokia 6.1 Plus Update Removes The Option To Hide The Notch

With the disablement of this feature, users of the Nokia 6.1 how have to live with the notch, whether they like it or not. Not everyone is a fan of the notch, and many Android smartphone makers that are offering phones with notches give the option to hide it. It is no wonder a lot of people have been complaining about this new development from Nokia.

It is not exactly clear why HMD took this step, but speculation is that it is probably an error that will be rectified in a subsequent firmware update. If this does not happen, then it is probably deliberate. This would make it the second time of recent that HMD Global is imposing restrictions on its software. Recently, through the August security update, the company blocked the ability to unlock bootloader on some of their phones.

Whether or not HMD will bring this feature back, we do not know. But if it was an error, then it will probably be rectified in the next update.


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