Nokia launches social media campaign to back upcoming launch event

Nokia launches social media campaign to back upcoming launch event

We know for sure that HMD Global has a launch event slated for the 29th of March where they aim to bring in new Nokia units to the market. Before now though, the company had not made anything known on its other channels.

Looking at their social media outlets right now, one would see that they have launched a #ChargedUP campaign around the events of a few days to come.

If that hashtag is anything to go by, the next device they are releasing – or the next set of them in the case we get more than one – would have their batteries to be the selling points. This can either be in form of a stronger/ longer-lasting battery or one that gets charged up fast.

No matter which it is, Nokia is one brand that made a name in the market for the strength of their batteries, so this is not a total surprise.

While we don’t know which units are coming at this event, it is worthy of note that three unnamed Nokia models got certified in Russia earlier this month. Furthermore, HMD did state that they will be making the Nokia x6 available outside of China soon.

Just three more days and we will have the total scoop of the matter


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