Nokia might just have released their dumbest ad ever

Nokia might just have released their dumbest ad ever

Nokia has been making a major resurgence into the smartphone market these last couple of years under the HMD Global brand, and we can say that they have managed to do well for themselves in so doing too. However, the company might have just floated an ad that makes their ad team not look only incompetent, but outdated too.

If you have been using a smartphone from a handful of years ago, chances are you also have the adaptive brightness feature on that phone. The function of this feature is to dim the screen when you are in a dark area while lighting it up if you are, say, under the sun.

In short, this is the feature that adjusts your phone’s brightness level according to the ambient lighting it receives.

Surprisingly, Nokia went about this the other way – showing off a phone that went dimmer in the sun and came out brighter in the dark. As if that is not enough of a blunder, we wonder why they will promote such a feature in the first place.

Even entry level devices today come with adaptive brightness, so it’s not really a game changer for them.

Honestly, we are hoping that we missed something – and would love the company to speak on it too.


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