OnePlus 6’s new teaser hints at a heart rate sensor

OnePlus 6’s new teaser hints at a heart rate sensor

As the OnePlus 6 is gradually coming upon us at just a week away now, the company behind this massive flagship have not stopped teasing their handiwork.

As they have done in the past, they focus on only one feature at a time and tease that. According to the new poster which has appeared on the company’s official Weibo profile, we now know that we could get a heart rate sensor in the OnePlus 6.

OnePlus 6 teaser

This teaser features the image of a cardiogram which is accompanied by the number ‘6.’ The image was then given a caption that referenced the heart. However, the wording and presentation of this teaser was so careful that nothing was neither confirmed nor denied in the end. Quite frankly, that just makes us ache more to get the unit in the flesh already.

It is worthy of note that OnePlus’ main pages on Twitter ad Facebook are yet to make the same announcements/ tease the photo. Maybe when they do, we can get much more from their translations.


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