Oppo Gets Caught In Benchmark Cheating, Find X And F7 Pulled For ‘High And Misleading’ Scores

Oppo Find X

About one month ago, Huawei was in the news for allegedly enhancing the performance of its devices in order to get attractive benchmark scores. Now, Oppo has been caught in the act of “artificially” producing “high and misleading” benchmark scores. Two of the company’s phones, the Oppo Find X and the F7, have been delisted from the benchmarking app 3DMark in this regard.

UL Benchmarks, the company behind 3DMark analyzed that Oppo tweaked the performance of the devices to get up to 41 percent higher scores on the public 3DMark app than the scores on the private app – not available to end users and manufacturers. In a separate statement, Oppo acknowledged the ability of its devices to detect benchmark apps to adjust their performance.

After examining the performance of the Oppo Find X and the F7, UL Benchmarks used a private version of its 3DMark app to confirm the flaw in both devices. In fact, the company noticed as much as 41 percent higher results on the public 3DMark app – available to end users and manufacturers – than on the private version. In a detailed post, the company said, “The difference in scores tells us that the devices are simply recognizing the 3DMark app by name rather than adapting to the type of work in the test. This kind of detection and optimization is forbidden by our rules for manufacturers.”

Oppo Gets Caught In Benchmark Cheating

Oppo admitted that the Find X and F7 were detecting the public version of the 3DMark app. The Chinese company commented, “When we detect that the user is running applications like games or 3D Benchmarks that require high performance, we allow the SoC to run at full speed for the smoothest experience.”

It was as a result of the latest findings that UL Benchmarks delisted the Oppo Find X and the Oppo F7. This is definitely a big blow to the Oppo Find X which was ranked fourth in the list of Best Smartphones for 3DMark Sling Shot Extreme performance test.

In a statement to UL Benchmarks, Oppo said that it was working on upgrading the system, and would “strive to distinguish between the requirements of undetected apps or the subjective needs of users”.

In a similar benchmark scandal involving Huawei last month, the company faced delisting of the Huawei P20, the Huawei P20 Pro, the Nova 3, and the Honor Play. In response, Huawei announced open access to the ‘Performance Mode’ in its EMUI 9.0 to allow users to decide when they need to maximize the performance of their devices. Meanwhile, it is not yet known what exactly Oppo will do about its own benchmark scandal.


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  • Oppo’s mobile phone is really not very good, even if they are promoting the advantage of “camera phone”, in fact, it is not good, they are best at commercial marketing.

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