OPPO Reno Ace ColorOS 7 features Half-Screen Operation and Three-Finger Screen Capture

ColorOS 7

OPPO‘s Android-based ColorOS 7 will launch in India later this month. This would be the first time OPPO is launching the OS outside China.

We have now gotten a glimpse of how the ColorOS 7 looks on the OPPO Reno Ace. This is all thanks to a post on Weibo.

The OPPO Reno Ace’s ColorOS 7 will feature half-screen operation and three-finger screen capture. With the three-finger screen capture, you get to take screenshots simply by using three fingers on the screen.

The ColorOS 7 also comes with a global theme and a flashback key. What’s more, it also has fast adaptation.

However, it is not all roses for the OS as there are a couple of issues too. First, the screen is not very bright. Secondly, the icon color is not so rich. If you can live with these, then you will probably enjoy this OS. The overall layout changes a bit, so you might like it for being something quite new.

See pictures below.



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