Are you scared of misplacing or getting your phone stolen? Meet the Oukiel A8- Phone Tracker and Mini Phone

oukitl a8 mini phone8

One thing you wouldn’t want to experience after churning up that huge amount to buy your new android or apple’s iOS phone is getting it misplaced or stolen, it is very devastating not only because of the money you spent in buying them but also because of some delicate and important information stored in the device.

Well, the good news is, Oukitel understands just how devastating that could be so they came up with the Oukitel A8 Bluetooth phone tracker and mini phone, the tracker can be used with both Android phones and Apple’s iOS phones.

OUKITEL A8 is a bluetooth anti-lost gadget, a selfie stick, but also a mini phone. That is to say, it can anti-lost and remote alarm, remote capture photos, stop or continue music, and answer/ hang up phone calls. It’s really your phone’s soul mate, so you won’t have to carry your phones about, even to where you don’t feel safe with your phones and still won’t miss any call or important message.

As to design, OUKITEL A8 features a water-drop Gem design, 360 degree rotate, PMMC electroplate glass, CNC craft and crystal button, stylish even as decoration. Really practical and elegant, This is One device you shouldn’t hesitate to buy and come to think that it’s now in stock online for just $19.99 from April 5 to 29th.

See More details about Oukitel A8 HERE. Do you want to Buy the Oukitel A8 mini phone? Get It HERE.

See more pictures and video of the OUkitel A8 in action below (Leave your comments below and share with your friends, they will love you for that!)

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