Oukitel K4000 is the first to feature the new Max interface.

OUKITEL K4000 has blew a gust wind of testing the hardness of smartphones by hammer and knock nails into wood. Now K4000 is getting a new version that no other smartphones has seen before.

k4000 oukitel

The main features of this new user interface are as follows:

First, concise arrangement of applications. Besides the 3 fixed APPs at the bottom screen, there are only 6 APPs on one interface. This gives larger area for each application.

Second, 8 hot keys for familiarity numbers. You can set 8 phone numbers that you call frequently on the main screen, one tap to call or message your family members.

Third, biggest dial pad. The dial pad occupies 80% of the screen, easier to tap a phone number.

Forth, set frequent use app freely. There are 23 functional apps on the main screen for your daily use with 5 of them: camera, music, dial pad, browser and message are fixed, and for other 18 apps, change it freely according to your needs.


This is the world’s first smartphone adopting this new kind of interface. Giving more convenience for smartphone daily use and enhancing the overall user experience. Asides the new features of this new version, it also has all the advantages of K4000 like the 4000mAh battery and unbelievable tough screen. Of course, It can be easily changed between the normal interface and the new max interface.

k4000 oukitel

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