Oukitel K6000 Plus Hands-on Review: The Conqueror

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1. Introduction
2. Unboxing and Design
3. Display Review
4. Operating System and User Interface
5. Hardware Performance and Antutu tests
6. Security and Accessibility
7. Camera Overview
8. Battery, Network and Connectivity
9. Conclusion


The ‘K’ series of smartphone in the Oukitel’s lineup are especially known for their massive battery capacity given the likes of K10000 with extraordinary 10,000 mAh battery, K4000 with 4,000 mAh battery and of course the K6000 with 6,000 mAh. We thought Oukitel -The Chinese OEM- was done with the K6000 version after they launched the K6000 Pro, little did we know that they were readying the K6000 Plus until the device was unveiled in a mobile tech show.

The device drew lot’s of attention with it’s park of great features and brilliant design, the presence of notification indicator LED was a very nice approach by the company and also their decision to move  the speaker grills to the bottom border.

Oukitel has managed to make the Plus version slightly slimmer and lighter than it’s predecessor -K6000 Pro- despite carrying a slightly beefed up battery capacity. It’s been loads of excitement having the K6000 Plus around for a spin at the course of this review, so sit and enjoy while we show the good and the not good side of the device.

Oukitel K6000 Plus Specs Highlight

  • Body: Metal unibody, 2.5D curved screen
  • Screen: 5.5″ IPS LCD with 1,080 x 1,920 px resolution (480ppi)
  • Camera: 16Mp Autofocus back camera with flash
  • Selfie cam: 8MP front camera
  • OS: Android 7.0 Nougat
  • Chipset: MediaTek  MT6750; 1.5 Ghz Octa-Core processor
  • Memory: 4GB of RAM; 64GB storage with microSD slot
  • Battery: 6080mAh Li-Po (sealed)
  • Connectivity: Dual-SIM; LTE-A (Cat. 12 600/150Mbps); USB 2.0; Wi-Fi a/b/g/n/ac; GPS/GLONASS/Beidou/Galileo; Bluetooth 4.0
  • Misc: Fingerprint reader, Notification light.

Unboxing and Design

oukitel k6000 plus unboxed

Box and Components:

As it has always been with other Oukitel devices, the K6000 Plus is packaged in an Orange and White colored box, the box is very compact and minimal.

The box contains a charger plug and a USB 2.0 cable which is compatible with regular USB 2.0 ports, so it’s not exclusive to the K6000 Plus alone. There is a provisional screen guide and a transparent rubber case that snaps fitted onto the K6000 Plus device. You will also find an ejector pin, reverse charge(or OTG) cable and the user guide in the box, earphone was left out in the packaging (Read full unboxing here).

oukitel k6000 plus box components

Body Build and Design:

The K6000 Plus is covered by a metal body with perfect curved angles to improve your handling of the device, It has standard rounded edges and it is available in Grey and Gold colors. The device weighs approximately 207 grams.

oukitel k6000 plus Weight

Considering its humongous battery life, it’s only understandable that the K6000 Plus is going to be thicker than other devices, coming in at 153.4 mm x 77.0 mm x 9.0 mm, some high-capacity devices like the Asus ZenFone Max with a lower 5,000mAh battery weighs 202g, which places them in the same weight class.

The volume adjusters and power buttons can be found on the right side border leaving only the SIM/Memory card slot on the left side border of the phone.

oukitel k6000 plus borders

The top border is where the audio jack was found and it as alone there, while the bottom border is filled with the loud speaker grills, USB type 2.0 port and microphone hole.

oukitel k6000 plus top and bottom

Front of the device is entirely covered by a fancy 2.5D Dragontrail glass, leaving a gorgeous and more prestigious look on the K6000 Plus.

The top bezel of the screen is occupied by the 8MP camera, Notification light (though only visible when it indicates a notification), call speaker and the proximity sensor.

oukitel k6000 plus front top notification light

The lower bezel of the screen makes room for the navigation keys, the home button is embedded with a fingerprint scanner that can be used for advanced security purposes and other fuctions. The other navigation keys are also visible only when you need them, this makes the front panel look less occupied and more attractive.

oukitel k6000 plus bottom

Display Review

The Oukitel K6000 has a Full-HD display of 1920 x 1080 px resolution on a 5.5 inches screen, It has a pixel density of 480 ppi, which is above average for budget devices, the clarity of the FHD screen was quite exceptional.

Maximum and minimum brightness on the K6000 Plus were both decent, you won’t have issues reading from the screen under harsh sunlight. If you’re a regular night reader, you will find the built-in blue-light filter (Eye Protection) a useful addition, this helps reduce the detrimental effects screen have on your sleep cycle.

oukitel k6000 plus screen

Colors came out bold on the device as there were no color tints noticed, the device’s screen supports multi-touch of up to 5 fingers at the same time, images and videos do not get distorted in any way even when used in landscape mode. There is a pre-installed screen protector on the device to protect the screen from scratches.

Operating System and User Interface

Oukitel hasn’t been known with user interface customization, K6000 Plus runs smoothly on Android 7.0 Nougat. The User Interface is basic with no significant customization, the traditional app drawer is present this time.

Since it comes with the latest Android 7.0 Nougat out-of-the-box, it has a lot of nifty features such as dual-window operation(Split screen) and a sleek flat UI-design in certain areas.

You can switch themes with the Personalize app, from the app, you can download different themes to use in your device instead of the default theme it came with, you can also add widgets to the home screens.

Swiping up in home screen will show some frequently used apps and under it you’ll find the Home Edit option, Preferences and System Settings. No changes were made in the notification drawer, you can edit the notification toggle as you like.

oukitel k6000 plus home screenshot-112534

To display currently running apps, you just press the menu navigation key, the navigation keys responded fast enough. You can swipe opened apps to the left or right to close or just close all at once with the “Close All” icon.

You can also multitask by holding on any of the opened app and dragging to the top of the screen, while you can do this with most apps, some apps don’t support split screen mode.

Holding down the power button for about 2 seconds will pop up the power options to either Shut down the device, Restart or activate Airplane Mode, holding it down for up to 10 seconds will automatically restart the device.

See more pictures of the User Interface in the device below (click on each to view full size);


Telephony Screenshots

Multimedia Screenshots


Pre-installed Apps

Settings and Notification Screenshots


Hardware, Performance and Antutu tests


The K6000 Plus is powered by a MediaTek MT6750T chipset with Octa-core 64-bit processor, it clocks at 1.5 GHz which promises improved performance. With its 4GB RAM, running intensive photo or video-editing apps and alongside some productivity apps such as Word or Excel will be a bliss.

The device uses a 64GB ROM for internal storage purposes, storage space is expandable upto 256GB with an SD card.

Performance and Antutu Scores:

oukitel k6000 plus benchmark score

Oukitel K6000 Plus scored 45,179 in Antutu benchmarks test, this is above average for budget smartphones, so we’re more delighted with that.

Gaming performance wasn’t stellar, but handling normal games such as Candy Crush or Temple Run was fine. Clash Royale and Asphalt 8 saw some chunky moments (barely noticeable) with its Mali T860 graphics processor.

3DMark tests gave the device a score of 377 which is quite disappointing and on the low-end of things. Nevertheless, its performance for daily activities was still decent and lag free.

Security and Accessibility

In addition to the basic security options available in Android operating system, Oukitel K6000 Plus comes with a fingerprint reader that is embedded in the multi-functional home button. you’ll need to setup password or pin for the device before adding your fingerprint, you can add as many as 5 fingers to the device.

Unlocking the device with fingerprint was alternatively easier but one major setback I noticed was inefficiency, the sensor barely unlocks the device with one touch of the finger, most times you’ll have to reposition your finger about 2 or 3 times before the device unlocks. I decided to add same finger twice and it helped a bit.

Under the phone’s settings, you’ll find the Float Gesture, One Hand FloatView, Smart somatosensory, Gesture Motion, Gesture Unlock and One-handed Mode.

The only new feature there is the One-handed Mode where you can swipe from left to right to reduce display size and make one-hand operation a lot easier.

Camera Review

oukitel k6000 plus camera

Compared to some top devices, the K6000 Plus actually shoots rather gorgeous photos with its 16MP camera under well-lit condition. Colour contrast and detailing were quite impressive for a budget smartphone, although not the finest you can find, it was still pretty decent. Under low-light conditions, the K6000 Plus found itself in a little bit of a rut and noise were noticed for sure. See samples of images captured with the device below (click on each to view full size);

Outdoor Picture

Indoor Picture

The front 8.0 MP camera also did very well as you can see, although selfie cameras aren’t the most important of all things for some phone users, but for some selfie freaks, the K6000 Plus will answer to your needs, it’s definitely clear enough for most purposes.

Front Camera Sample

Oukitel has certainly jumped onto the bandwagon of “beauty photos” with its primary camera, offering a new mode for itself known as Beauty, this feature lets you adjust the toggle bar to see how much you want to “beautify” yourself. The beauty feature is also available for the front camera.

Back and Front Cameras’ Interface

The bubble-like thing at the right side of the shutter button opens the filter palate where you can choose any filter to best match the picture.

Battery, Network and Connectivity

Battery Life:

One outstanding highlight of the Oukitel K6000 Plus is its massive 6,080 mAh battery capacity and since the device doesn’t use a very power-intensive processor, you can actually expect the Oukitel to have a truly long lifespan.

Oukitel K6000 plus flash charge

From my experience with the K6000 Plus, it can average up 3 days of moderate usage, meaning just web-browsing, texting and typing on Google Docs etc. It might serve around 1-2 days if you watch videos or play games, but there is really no need to carry a portable charger around with the K6000 Plus.

With its OTG capabilities, the  Oukitel K6000 Plus can serve as a portable charger or better described as power bank to supply power to other devices, which is pretty awesome.

Not only is the cell massive, it charges up quickly too. Thanks to its powerful 12 V / 2 A output charger, the battery goes from 0% to 100% in just 100 minutes, which is pretty impressive for its overall capacity.

Oukitel K6000 plus fast charger

Network and Connectivity:

The K6000 Plus supports LTE (4G) network connectivity with FDD(B1/3/7/8/20): 2100/1800/2600/900/800,
TDD(B40): TDD 2300, five 3G bands and the usual quad-band 2G.

There’s also Wi-Fi support – a/b/g/n/ac, dual-band, with Wi-Fi Direct and hotspot support. You also get Bluetooth v4.0 for peripherals, A-GPS, GLONASS.

The K6000 Plus uses SIM one slot for SD card, if you decide to use an SD card on the device, you will be left with only one slot for your Nano SIM card.

oukitel k6000 plus sim ports

The device uses Type 2.0 USB port which supports OTG (On The Go) connectivity, this allows you to couple the K6000 Plus with peripheral devices such as; flash drive, a wireless mouse, a wireless keyboard, game controller or camera controller. There’s also an analog 3.5mm headphone jack too and FM radio support.


Coming at US$179.99 (launch price), the K6000 Plus is definitely a good offer for your money, especially if you’re a hard user or gamer looking for a moderately priced big battery smartphone. With a decent processor and camera, the K6000 Plus also does just as well, if not better than other smartphones in this price range.

oukitel k6000 plus review

Though OUKITEL tried to make the K6000 Plus as slim as possible (we commend them for that), one drawback with the device is its low portability due to its enormous battery capacity but what else will you expect from a device with such battery juice?


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