Oukitel K7000 will feature a wireless charge technology.

It hasn’t been a week long since the news of OUKITEL working on a new mobile phone codenamed OUKITEL K7000 leaked online, They announced that this device only has 4.0mm, but will be packed with 7000mAh battery. How do they achieve this? Here comes the answer.

Oukitel K7000

Traditionally a bigger battery requires bigger space for it, no matter the thickness or the weight; it has to be bigger than smaller batteries. But to solve the need for those that wants to enjoy a monster battery but don’t like the thickness like K10000, OUKITEL is designing this K7000 with thinner body but let you enjoy 7000mAh battery.

Here is the catch;

The biggest hero is the charger case which OUKITEL named it “Matrix”. Like iPhone’s charger case ‘Juice Pack’, “Matrix” is a wireless power bank, each K7000 will pack this charger case “Matrix” as a standard package. Users don’t need to buy it separately.

The OUKITEL K7000 main device will feature a 2000mAh Li-ion removable battery, while the charger case “Matrix” will offer 5000mAh battery. Both K7000 main device and “Matrix” are quite thin and light, users can take the main device for daily use, when it’s almost out of power like 20% left, connect to the charger case, it will start charging your device ‘wirelessly’.

With 5000mAh battery, it will offer extra 250% full power. No more heavy power banks, no more stuck besides the socket, you can enjoy a whole weekend without extra charger or USB cable with you.

As the power bank function, “Matrix” can also charge for other devices. Unlike other rechargeable devices which need extra reverse charge USB cable, “Matrix” can charge directly. It can also use as a mobile phone stand for watching videos. As it is designed to be light and thin with plastic material, it offers protection for K7000 from dropping or falling accidentally.

Besides the K7000 Matrix, OUKITEL K7000 will also get a fingerprint sensor at back and latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow. For hardware, it’s a 5 inch device which carries the latest chipset MT6737 quad-core cortex A53 chipset, 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM with 32GB expandable memory, 5.0MP front camera is on board with a 13MP back camera.

It will have three different colors variants: rose gold, champagne gold, and space grey. Presale of this device will start around 20th-25th of July, more information can be found on the source link.

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