Qualcomm confirms Mi 8 will have QC 4.0+ support

Qualcomm confirms Mi 8 will have QC 4.0+ support

After a very long moment of mum on the status of what would become the next flagship unit from Xiaomi, we have now started getting a barrage of leaks on the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 8.

The latest one is courtesy of Qualcomm – the global chipmaker – who has confirmed that this flagship unit will ship with support for Quick Charge 4.0. That is in addition to the in-display fingerprint sensor, a translucent back and promise of 3D face unlock features that we have learnt about earlier.

To be candid, this does not come as much of a surprise. An earlier listing on FCC had shown the power requirement of the Mi 8 and from there, one could have easily deduced that this kind of fast charging tech would be at play.

Qualcomm QC 4.0+

What we would be looking forward to now is whether or not Xiaomi will include a charger capable of activating this charging speed.

Otherwise, the Mi 8 would just join the list of units that have the feature in them but can’t use it.

With a May 31 launch date looming above us as we speak, the Mi 8 promises to be one of the most interesting flagships around the market this year.


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