Razer Phone 2 Set To Launch On October 10

Razer Phone 2 Set To Launch On October 10

Just last year, Razer surprisingly launched its first-gen phone, the Razer Phone 1. This gaming handset came with an extra-high-refresh-rate display. It was received well among Android device users, and many have been expecting a follow-up device.

Earlier this month, there was confirmation that there would indeed be a Razer Phone 2. Now, Razer has sent out notifications for an October 10 event, with the formal invitation to follow soon.

On the save-the-date, the company wrote “FLAGSHIP // GAMING”, and you may be wondering what exactly points to the Razer Phone 2. After all, Razer is into a very wide range of products – routers, laptops, mice, etc. A good number of these products could be termed flagships, and many of them may be used for gaming.

Razer Phone 2 Set To Launch On October 10

However, looking at the notification photo carefully, you would realize that the green border is not just an ordinary one. It features the Razer Phone’s volume buttons’ bumps. This means that the notification is not for just any device; it is for a Razer Phone.

In addition, there was a leaked render of the Razer Phone 2 last week. The design largely mirrored that of the first-gen Razer Phone. The render did not actually reveal much information but something noticeable was that the date on it was set to Wednesday, October 10. This further supports the idea that the launch event of October 10 is actually for the Razer Phone 2. Or is it just a coincidence? That is highly unlikely.

Razer Phone 2 Set To Launch On October 10

This is a huge addition to the phones we are already expecting in October. Already, we are expecting the OnePlus 6T, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, the Huawei Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro, and possibly the Nokia 9.

If the success of the first-gen Razer Phone is anything to go by, then this new Razer Phone will likely be a success too. In fact, comments online show that many users are actually expecting it. We can only hope it does not disappoint. The Doogee S70 and the Black Shark are other gaming phones you can get.


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