How to recover deleted text message on Android phone

Whether sending and receiving text messages is one of your primary uses of a phone or not, there are big chances you’ve once or twice deleted an important message from your device. You know how painful that can be especially when you come to realise it’s impossible to get back the message because Android uses TRIM on the internal storage which overwrites data once deleted.

If you never want to lose your messages again, either by switching to a new device or by ignorantly hitting the delete button, this article will be of great help to you so make sure to read it all to the last dot.


To be able to recover your messages when you loose them, you’ll need to back ’em up, read on to see how to do that.

How to back up your SMS

In other to easily back up and restore your messages, you need to download SMS backup & Restore app by Carbonite from Google play store and also the Add-on.

Before we proceed, note that the ‘Add-on for SMS Backup & Restore’ app doesn’t appear on the list of apps in your phone as it is only used by the SMS Backup & Restore app on your phone.

So you’ve downloaded and installed the two apps,

1. Click on the app to open

2. Click on ‘Backup’

3. You can choose the defualt file path or choose a custom folder if you want to save your backup to SD card or a particular folder in your phone.

4. Click on the check box next to the text message you want to backup, you can decide to only select the important ones or select all.

5. Click on ‘local backup only’ or ‘local backup and Upload’, the later will bring out options to upload to google drive, drop box or to email.
To be able to upload your backup, the Add-on for SMS Backup & Restore app will be needed so make sure you already have it installed.

6. Click on OK after selecting your preferred options.

7. You message(s) will automatically backup to wherever you selected.

You will get a warning telling you that you risk the chance of losing your backup if you misplace or damage your device when you used the ‘Local backup only’ option instead of ‘Local backup and upload’

How to restore your SMS message

You can now effortlessly restore your messages after backup, on a new device or same device whenever you need it, you just need to have the ‘SMS backup & restore’ app installed and then follow the below steps.

1. Open the app and click ‘Restore’

2. Click on the check box of the backup you want to restore.

3. Click on ‘Restore’.

4. Click ‘OK’ and you will get a message telling you to set the app as default messaging app.

5. Accept by clicking ‘yes’ and the app will start the restoring process. Close the app when the process is complete

Also note: If you don’t want the SMS backup & Restore app to be your default messaging app, you can change this by going to ‘Setting>> Apps>> Reset App preferences’.

You can now easily backup and restore your SMS messages without worrying about losing them, if you’ve backed-up your messages to Cloud, you can restore them back using the same process.
SMS messages can be restored to any Android device since data is stored in XML.

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