Report: Huawei partners BOE to launch foldable phone this year

Report: Huawei partners BOE to launch foldable phone this year

About a couple of months ago, we picked up some information about Huawei working hard towards the launch of their foldable smartphone as shown by new patents the company acquired. Today, we know that the Asian OEM has now teamed up with a Chinese company – BOE – to make this a reality.

If what we are hearing is anything to go by, we could have the first foldable device in the world in our hands from as early as November of this year.

From what has been reported by the South Korean news outlet carrying this news, BOE is currently working on no less than four different designs, one of which the foldable unit could finally ship with. Since we could be getting a Galaxy Note 9 from Samsung in the same month, there is little surprise in the revelation that this would be the unit to rival it.

Possible foldable phone model

Considering that BOE is said to be working with four different companies on the design front, one of them could be Samsung. However, Samsung also has plans to launch its own foldable unit (Galaxy X) so that could be reaching. It could be Xiaomi too, given the Chinese OEM recently filed patents in this niche too. Finally, we could have something from Lenovo or ZTE turn up.

For now, it is all a waiting game. Let’s hope we get an official confirmation of this soon as we really look forward to getting a foldable smartphone in the market


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