Samsung beats Huawei and Apple for fastest download speeds

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Samsung phones generally have higher 4G LTE download speeds than Huawei and Apple phones. This was revealed in a report by OpenSignal which spans 40 countries and thousands of devices.

According to the report, Samsung devices were faster in 14 markets including the US and Norway. In the US, Samsung devices had 8.2Mbps faster download speeds than the iPhone. In Norway, it was 14Mbps faster than the iPhone and 12Mbps faster than Huawei.

Apple’s iPhones took the crown in the UAE, beating Samsung by 14.7Mbps. The same goes for Taiwan, where the iPhone beat Samsung by 8Mbps.

Looking at a breakdown of high-tier, mid-tier and low-tier devices (depending on the LTE categories they support), Samsung took the crown for global download speeds in the high-tier category at 26.6Mbps. Apple, however, led the mid-tier category with an average download speed of 16Mbps.

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