Samsung finally develops a 5X optical zoom camera, no word on the first unit to get it

Samsung finally develops 5X optical zoom camera, no word on first unit to get it

Samsung has always been trying to push the norms in the smartphone world, especially when it comes to the battle for supremacy between itself and other Android units. In recent years, though other brands like Huawei has been testing the limits too – and that is just what they did with the likes of their 5X zoom camera.

Now, it seems Samsung is getting in on that party too.

When it comes to getting a zoom camera onto a mobile phone, there is no issue with Samsung. Afterall, they did pioneer the Galaxy Zoom, even though it didn’t do as well as they must have thought.

One of the biggest problems that they had to face comes from fitting such a large camera into a smaller device. Now that they can use the same combination of a horizontal camera arrangement and mirror to get that to happen, they are set to go.

While there are reports of Samsung currently mass producing these cameras, there is no word of what unit will be the first to get it. It has always been a thing with Samsung to trial their biggest finds on a flagship device, but we don’t see how they are going to launch this with the upcoming Note 10.  

What they could do logically, though, is try out the new camera on an upper midrange device to see how people react to it, then they can go ahead to place it on a flagship.


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