Samsung Galaxy Note 9 could be available for orders earlier than the Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 could be available for orders earlier than the Note 8

Ever since the launch of the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus, the world has been holding its breath for what is to be the flagship in the Note series for this year – the Galaxy Note 9. Fresh information emanating from South Korea is now suggesting that the phone could make the market sooner than its predecessor, and pre-orders will start a week after that.

Already, Samsung has made it known that the phone will be unveiled to the world on the 9th of august. Comparing that with when the Note 8 made the market in August 23rd of last year, that is surely a push forward. Likewise, the Note 8 made people wait for a longer time before they got it, stretching as far as the middle of the month September.

Looking at the design of the new phone, there is rarely anything that changes from this one and the Note 8. The main difference on the body though has to be the rearrangement of the fingerprint scanner which has now been moved to the back under the dual camera sensors.

In all, there will be a 6.3-inch screen on board with the standard S-AMOLED screen material. There will be 6GB of RAM married to the 128GB internals storage space. It would almost be an insult if we didn’t get a dual camera setup on the back. There are talks of there being the possibility of one which would have 8GB of RAM paired with as much as 512GB of space. No matter what though, there will be support for S Pen and a 4000mAh battery under the hood.


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