Samsung Galaxy X Foldable Smartphone May Finally Be Revealed In November

Samsung Galaxy X?

For a long time now, rumors of the launch of the foldable smartphone from Samsung have been flying around. The foldable smartphone has seen a lot of leaks and rumors over the past year. Now, it appears that Samsung is finally ready to reveal the much-anticipated device.

In a recent tweet, the South Korean company has announced its Developer Conference that is set to hold in San Francisco from November 7 to November 8. The creative of the video depicts two lines unfolding to form an arrow facing right and eventually settling into a single vertical line.

Even this does not directly explain much, it is quite safe to assume that Samsung used that video to tease the long-awaited Samsung Galaxy X. With that video on the announcement, it is highly likely that we will get to see the foldable smartphone (or at least a prototype of it) at Samsung’s Developer Conference next month.

Before now, the CEO of Samsung’s mobile division, DJ Koh, already claimed that the phone would launch towards the end of 2018 and would be available in 2019.

This is good news to fans who have been waiting patiently (or impatiently as the case may be) for the Galaxy X, Samsung’s foldable smartphone. However, reports from analysts have suggested that this device will not come cheap. The price of the Samsung Galaxy X could go as high as 2,000,000 South Korean Won (about 640,000 Naira).

We may also be expecting a foldable phone from Huawei and one from LG soon.


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