Samsung marks Ten Years of the Galaxy Line with Premium Package

Samsung Galaxy Premium Package

Samsung’s Galaxy line is already ten years old, and the Company is celebrating the feat with a premium package. Samsung is not handing out physical gifts to customers but offering a package of various Galaxy devices.

The South-Korean company has arranged a premium package that includes some of its best products. Some of the items in the premium package are the Galaxy Note 10+ (and silicon cover), the Galaxy Watch Active 2 (with two free straps), and the Galaxy Buds. This means that you get a package of some of Samsung’s best Galaxy devices.

Samsung Galaxy Premium Package

Samsung is marketing this Premium Package as a great holiday gift for your loved ones. It is definitely not free.

The company has, however, not yet placed a price tag on the package. But we believe that it should be cheaper than if one buys each item individually. We do know that it will be available in select markets this November.

Samsung also released two videos to market some of the features of its devices. One of the videos advertises the SmartView feature. This feature allows you to send content from your device to a larger screen. The second video the company’s Link to Windows feature. This helps you to seamlessly connect your phone to your Windows 10 PC using Windows’ “Your Phone” feature.


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