Samsung teases the Galaxy Note 9, focuses on battery

Samsung teases the Galaxy Note 9, focuses on battery

We have talked about the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 for days now and if we can just wait two more weeks, we are going to get the device in full flesh. The fact that the launch date is also close means one other thing – this is the time when we get the most leaks and the biggest hypes. However, Samsung has gotten ahead of the leakster by revealing the first official teaser of the phone.

What we love the most about this teaser is not the fact that it is of the Note 9 and gives us an insight into what to expect, but the very fact that it is about the battery. Hear us out.

Samsung will surely want to base their first marketing strategy on a promise they know they can deliver on. Before now, they have been teasing what they can do with the battery of the Note units but always coming out with something below par. That is surely not to be expected of a phone that is supposed to be the best in the market for its year. That being said, we can expect something massive from Samsung this year if this is the first thing they opted to share.

Maybe something in the range of 4000mAh.

The 30-second clip has been attached below this line for you viewing pleasure. Don’t forget to tell us what you think of the unit after seeing this video.


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