See Oppo’s Patent For a Foldable Tablet with Smartphone Compartment

oppo foldable tablet

Over the past few weeks, the Chinese smartphone industry has been rumbling with several new and innovative releases. From the Xiaomi CC9 Pro with 108MP rear camera to the foldable Huawei Mate X and the Moto Razr (2019) flip phone.

Few days after a patent revealed that Xiaomi already working on a foldable device, it’s now Oppo with a new patent for a foldable tablet with smartphone compartment, the Chinese company looks to which is turning to be quite interesting.

oppo releases patent for folding screen device

According to a post (in Dutch) on Let’s Go Digital, the tablet will still be in tablet size even while folded, there is a nice compartment for a smaller smartphone to fit in perfectly. The space also a USB plug for the smartphone.

Then what you see on your smartphone screen is shown on the large flexible screen. Thanks to touch support you can operate the display device in the same way and you have exactly the same functions and apps as on your smartphone. This way you can even connect to the cloud.

The large flexible screen is of course also ideal for viewing multimedia content. You can also use this foldable tablet for gaming, because playing popular mobile games such as Fortnite is of course much more fun on a large screen.

For the more tedious works, such as the use of Office applications or browsing through internet pages, a large display can also offer a solution.

oppo releases patent for folding screen device2

We are not sure if you can also use the device in a fully folded position if the smartphone is inserted. You can imagine that the smartphone will soon produce too much heat if it is locked up. A cooling system to dissipate the heat appears to be missing.

It’s an era of weird and likewise innovative inventions and the smartphone industry is getting a good dose of it. We will keep you updated as soon as we get more details on deck regarding the specs and price.


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