Sexting, Dating, and VR: How Technology Changed the Dating Scene


What do you do first when you meet someone online? Of course, you text each other. In this case, sex can begin already in the process of correspondence – there is a term for it called sexting. Flirting, talk about the dirtiest of fantasies, sharing intimate photos – you can have sex with a person without even really meeting them IRL.


An even more advanced form of virtual sex is the use of VR technology. It’s not that much about fantasies – it’s more about seeing action with your own two eyes. VR porn is quite popular now. It allows you to try out various experiences that not every person decides to participate in reality – for example, group sex or sex in a public place. With VR, erotic fantasies about sex with someone else may not be a cause for quarrels and disagreements, but a very real experience. Professional VR-videos for adults are shot from several angles and synchronized, so you and your partner can try on the roles of other people and give free rein to your imagination. In addition, VR toys can be connected to sex toys so you can feel as if you are caressed by the one you see right in front of you.

However, technologies have something to offer outside of virtual sex.

Sex toys, games, and applications

There are many high-tech devices that open up completely new opportunities for sex fitness. For example, the Miss on the Go device has its own application, and it works as your personal sex coach: it brings pleasure and helps to train female muscles. You just need to connect the device Miss on the Go to your smartphone via Bluetooth and receive instructions on how to use it. The creator of this product claims that the most important thing in sex is confidence. And the device helps people to find it.

There are many apps which can diversify your intimate life. In addition to devices and dating sites, there are many applications that can excite your imagination and make your sex more interesting. Games with all sorts of dirty questions and tasks can help you relax with your partner and make your sex life more diverse. There are quite a few phone applications that will ask you very provocative intimate questions.

Sex technology for couples

Technologies can help not only find a new partner but also add a spark to an existing relationship. It does not matter if you are far away or sleep every night in the same bed with your partner. Sex toys on the remote control will allow you to feel your partner even if you are separated by thousands of kilometers.

There is this amazing product which has a vibrator that is synchronized with the device through the application called Feel Connect and gives your lover the opportunity to please you, regardless of the distance. For lovers of pleasant surprises, it is possible to wear such a toy all day and receive attention from your partner at any time. But not only women want to have fun at a distance. With the help of Fleshlight Launch + Kiiroo Fuse twin toys, you can feel the movement of your partner in real time.

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Technology can also bring something new to your sexual relationships in bed. There are quite a lot of toys to choose from, so there are practically countless ways in which you can make your sex life more intriguing. For example, there is a little device called Jimmy Jane ASCEND 1, by using which a man can give pleasure to his woman thanks to clitoral contact which is rarely achieved during vaginal sex.

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