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Some useful apps and hacks for Smartphone

android apps that are useful

In this article we are going to provide you some useful Google apps as well as other applications that would make your smartphone much more usable and easy to operate. 

Google lens

Google is the leader in every respect in the world of the internet. It’s not just its search engine quality but also the kind of app development that it has consistently done in regular period of time which has made Google and its products world class and acceptable globally.

One of the best features and Applications of Google has been the Google lens. Google lens provides you lots of liberty and solves lots of your problems easily. By simply clicking an image you would be able to get lots of useful information related to it.

Just assume that you have seen some good shoe at some place and you are not able to identify it. All you have to do is click on it with lens and Google lens will provide you relevant information about it that is available on the Internet. 

The same applies for other things like plants or animals. If you have found a cute dog and would like to know about it or any species of plant that you would like to know for educational or any other reason, simply click on it and analyze it on lens and you will get all the relevant data that is possible and available on the Internet regarding that picture. 

You can easily understand that using Google lens provides you lots of practical application. If you would like to shop for something and you are not aware about it, just have a picture of it, and analyse it on the lens.

Google lens will search for relevant data available all over the internet and provide you information like name, features pricing and other necessary details that will be helpful for you in understanding more about that product so that you can decide on how to proceed further about it. 

Google Go

Another interesting Google application is Google go. A drawback of the lens is that it is quite a highly advanced application that does not run or is compatible with smartphones of all configuration. If you are not able to use the lens because of your limited resources or configuration of the smartphone, then you can try out Google go and get some of the benefits of the lens on it. 

android go images

Google go is a multi application that is more or less like a search engine but it works much faster and effectively than Google. It has got multilingual options that enable you to select the language in which you are comfortable with. You can select English or any other language that is spoken and that is available on it. 

You can voice search easily using Google go and you can also use some features of Google lens there. There are different applications available there that can be directly accessed through Google go. So, all and all Google go provides you a one spot place from where you can access most of the interesting and useful data on the internet. The application is quite user-friendly as well.

It is easy to use and once you search for something or click on it then it will create a shortcut for it on its homepage so that next time you can simply click on it and get fast results and excess of that data. The voice search feature is quite effective and supports lots of languages including English as well as other popular languages with different accents. 

It also has a button to read the text of a website that is available on it. Once you use it you can simply select the text that you would like to read and it will dictate  it to you.

This is quite an effective feature and can be used for reading content for websites including ebooks. It becomes very tedious and at times, you simply do not want to run to pages; in that case, you can simply use Text to voice feature and get all the information read. 

Grammar Apps

If you are not good with the grammar then it would be better to download an effective keyboard like gboard or grammarly app that would make good enough suggestions for every time you make mistakes. By simply installing and enabling these keyboards, you would be able to rectify and reduce the kinds of grammatical errors that you make on a normal and regular basis

Security settings

If you are concerned about the security of your phone once you hand it over to another person then there is a  pinning feature that would provide only limited access to your smartphone to the user. If somebody asks for your phone for certain requests like checking Google or are using a calculator, you can simply pin that option using the pinning and he would not be able to use any other feature other than calculator. 

This would protect your data from being accessed and you also do not have to disappoint your friend or any other person by declining his request. 

Apart from there are other useful applications that would be helpful for you to make an operating system for smart phone work faster. If you use Facebook and have an app for it, then it is better to download the Facebook lite version which runs in a short memory and uses less space.

In the same way if you are looking for an effective browser then using UC Browser would provide all the features of a standard browser but takes less space and operates fast. By simply using all these techniques and tips you will be able to make your   smartphone use less space and memory and hence it would enable it to work faster and give you a better performance.

Apart from there are hundreds and thousands of interesting and helpful applications on almost all kinds of mobile slots. You simply need to search for the kind of applications that you would like to use and you shall get it. If you are looking for any specific apps, then simply leave a comment with its description and we shall look into it and advise you suitably on it. 

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