Sports Betting on Android Can be Easier with Betway app

Nigeria has always been a sports-mad country, with its sunny and warm climate allowing for sports like Football, Boxing and Basketball to attract millions of passionate fans. This has been compounded by Nigeria’s relative success in the international football arena – the Super Eagles are among the most successful teams in Africa!

Where there’s sports fans, there’s hardcore sports fans, and excitement has been building in Nigeria as many of these fans choose to immerse themselves further in the game via sports betting, where a bettor places money on a specific outcome of a sporting event. Betway, one of the largest international sports betting brands and sponsors of English Premier League contenders West Ham, recently launched in Nigeria, offering sports bettors a tried and tested platform upon which they can place bets on a massive range of sports. These include Soccer, Cricket, Rugby, Basketball, Boxing, and much more.

Betway’s betting platform is completely online – no queues or lost bet slips! You can access Betway via their website or with their app, which is available for both Android and iOS. Both the website and the apps are 100% secure with the latest encryption technology that banks use, so you know that when you register and make a deposit at Betway, your money and information is in safe hands.

Betting on Football is undoubtedly what is most popular so far in Nigeria, due to the frequency of matches as well as the fairly short length of a match, where a game is usually completed after approximately 90 minutes of gameplay.  Betting on Football is very easy, and an example can be seen below:

How this works is simple – The bettor selects the predicted winner of the game he or she has chosen to bet on, specifies how much they’d like to bet on the game, and presto! The bettor then will watch the game and hopefully walk away as a winner after the game is complete. It’s tempting to bet on the favourite team to win a particular game, as that result seems more likely, however the odds on this occurring is a lot lower, so it’s up to the bettor whether they’d like to play it safe with lower betting odds and lower returns, or take a risk and bet on the underdogs for the chance of higher returns!

What kind of bettor are you? Why not sign up and find out?

PLEASE NOTE: You must be 18 years old or over to use Betway and Betway Products. Please bet responsibly.

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