Spotify is trying out the Stories feature, and we are loving it

Spotify is trying out the Stories feature, and we are loving it

Snapchat came up with the idea for stories – those posts that will only last 24 hours before they are taken off your timeline – and Facebook loved it. Then, Facebook applied it on the parent app while expanding the same feature to all of WhatsApp and Instagram – where, unfortunately for Snapchat, the feature became even more successful.

It seems yet another heavyweight is leaning in on this as we are seeing something of the sort on the Spotify dashboard.

Spotify Stories

The feature bears all the semblance to the ones we have been seeing before, but Spotify limits it to only the artists. They are also designed in the form of cards which can be used to communicate with the fans and cycled through.

If you were thinking this bore some semblance to Behind the Lyrics, you are miatakn on at least, two fronts. For one, users can flip through the cards at their own pace, looking over the information submitted as they like. Speaking of submissions, the information that would go on the cards are also those personally supplied by the artiste, not generated by the platform.

We don’t know about you, but we think this is a great way to keep fans even more connected to their favourite artistes


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