Tecno Phantom Ultimate Spotted at the MWC with Rollable Screen Concepts

In 2023, Tecno unveiled a visionary rollable phone concept named the Phantom Ultimate, captivating attention with its innovative design through demo videos. Fast forward to now, and Tecno has transformed the concept into tangible prototypes showcased at the MWC, where we had the opportunity to engage with the Ultimate and other inventive projects from Tecno’s creative team.

Although the Phantom Ultimate might not hit the consumer market as a product available for purchase, it has materialized into a fully functioning prototype. Initially, the device presents a 6.55-inch screen that elegantly extends around the left edge. With a simple button press, the device morphs, unfurling additional screen space to reach a 7.11-inch display size in just 1.3 seconds, naturally altering its aspect ratio in the process.

An innovative feature is the “second display” located on the back, which is essentially the continuous main screen looped to the rear. This smart design is protected by a glass panel, ensuring durability without compromising on functionality. It’s an ingenious integration of the existing screen.

The advent of foldable smartphones has spurred advancements in Android’s capabilities, enhancing its adaptability to screens that fluctuate in size and aspect ratio. The Tecno Phantom Ultimate exemplifies this progress, with its user interface and applications smoothly adapting whether the screen is extended or contracted.

In terms of dimensions, the device boasts a 9.93mm thickness, which was once considered slim compared to foldables. However, today’s market sees some horizontal folding models sporting sub-10mm profiles.

While Tecno’s explorations in rollable phone technology continue, the company has already launched two foldables: the Phantom V Fold and the V Flip. Intent on innovation, Tecno’s engineers have conceived a feature known as the Borderless Foldable Main Screen. As the name suggests, this feature enhances the Ultra Thin Glass (UTG) attachment to the phone, enabling a reduction of the bezel size for an improved screen-to-body ratio, offering users a more immersive viewing experience.

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